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Thursday, 19 April 2018


Russia’s Targets in Georgia. Three Versions

2009-06-17 22:21

3085.jpegRussia wants nothing from Georgia. And it would even not need Abkhazia and South Ossetia if it were not for the «stupid actions» of Tbilisi in Tskhinvali. Dmitry Medvedev also spoke about that to the Chinese journalists in Ekaterinburg, but these words reached Georgia, too. And in response Mikhail Saakashvili broke into a speech running that Russia dreams to occupy the whole Georgia and restore the USSR. The Georgian President seems to have heard not his Moscow colleague. But who? Probably the odious Eurasian Alexander Dugin who in the name of Russia threatened Georgia with disintegration if it does not renounce the pro-American way?


The Georgian President met Georgian deputies in the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: where else would it be better to discuss threats that, according to Mikhail Saakashvili, came from Russia? 

To understand the head of Georgia one must enter his historic paradigm, as it is radically different from the conventional one. It turns out that «Russia declared a secret war to Georgia in the 90s». Russia is supposed to have provoked civil confrontation in Sakartvelo. «They killed several dozens of thousands of our people, threw out from their habitual residence locations 400000 people and all this was perceived by the world as kind of internal Georgian confrontation», Saakashvili sites «Rosbalt».

And what for? To make the country leaders «crawl to Russia on its knees and enter the CIS»! «Its (Russian) ministers were assigned and the Moscow Agreement legalizing the Russian military presence in Abkhazia was signed», told Saakashvili.

One can continue the childlike sequence of questions and specify why Russia would need to pull Georgia into the CIS by force? Judging by the subsequent statements of Mikhail Nikolaevich, Russia cherishes the idea of restoring the USSR borders. It seems that Georgia would miss in its string of CIS countries like a jewel in a bracelet.

But let us return to the present, i.e. to August'2008. From the point of view of Saakashvili, the Russian troops broke in and helped Ossetians like it happened when Soviet people came to Czechoslovakia and Afghanistan.

And what is Russia's objective now, according to Saakashvili? First, «They need Georgia because it is the symbol of liberty in the ex-USSR territory». Second, «because by taking Georgia they fully cover Central Asia and the Caspian Region and practically restore the Soviet Union». As is known, people judge about the actions of others according to their measures. The idea of creating a Georgian empire, even a small one, has haunted the Georgian leaders since the 90s. They miss their own land to feel a full-fledged country. If one looks at the map, Russia has enough territories. And, speaking about the «symbol of liberty», doesn't he flatter himself, this President whose country is almost fully kept by the other states? After all, Georgia's destiny depends much on agreement between the US and Russia. And is it this that Saakashvili calls liberty?

But everything that has been said has led the President to his main conclusion: «Putin said: we have done part of the job, the rest will be done by Georgians». So Russia creates hostility and sponsors the opposition like in the 90s, using the historical version of the Georgian President. This version is quite timely: how else can one explain the dissatisfaction of the people who have demanded the resignation of Saakashvili for three months?

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