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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Georgian leader under hail of exposures

2009-08-06 15:59

3571.jpegIn the run-up to the tragic events of August 2008 mass media got hold of sensations that can finally answer all questions about initiators of the conflict in South Ossetia. Moreover, this information may disappoint Saakashvili's last supporters. At all events the Georgian leader's prejudiced reputation suffers another heavy blow.


Nino Burdzhanadze, Democratic Movement - United Georgia leader was among those who denounced Mikheil Nikolaevich. According to her on August 7 2008 Saakashvili told about "the order to shell Tskhinval being given" during the phone call, VZGLYAD newspaper reports. "I warned him about disastrous consequences, - Burdzhanadze recalls. - He hoped to take possession of the city in a day. Saakashvili's attitude to Moscow was inadequate and his inner circle gave him unreasonable advice trying to convince the president that Russia would not interfere in the conflict and would lose if it did".

However she didn't specify who "advisors" to Saakashvili were. But Burdzhanadze's words on the Georgian president's plans are enough to surprise the world. The fact is that the image of a small offended country Mikheil Nikolaevich created for Georgia has started to melt and the hot-headed Georgian leader risks being caught in a lie.

If Burdzhanadze's statement on the initiator of last year's war only confirmed a point of view on August 2008 events the information provided by the Committee of Inquiry at the Russian Prosecutor's Office is really appalling. According to the committee head Alexander Bastrikin, as quoted in Rossiyskaya Gazeta, during investigation in the territory of the Georgian enclave in Achabeti village of Tskhinval district a plan of water supply systems poisoning was found. Massive shelling, the newspaper goes on, made civilians hide in cellars Georgian militaries were trying to flood. According to the evidence of the witnesses they "deliberately threw grenades into cellars". Besides Georgian captives told Bastrikin about the combat task they had got before the attack on Tskhinval to "free the native Georgian land from foreigners". "Doesn't it confirm the genocide of the Ossetian nation that has been living here for centuries", - Bastrykin asks.

Deputy Chief of General Staff of Russian Armed Forces Anatoly Nogovitsin presents 2 more significant details about last year's tragic events. "It is acknowledged that the Georgian side twice used identification marks of Russian air forces on their Su-25 attack planes", - RIA Novosti reports. - First on August 8 shelling a refugee column moving from Tskhinval then reported it had been the Russian side and on August 9 hitting a column of Russian troops on Zara detour". According to Nogovitsin, later they were destroyed by Russian air forces but such provocations are "crimes subject to investigation". Deputy Head of Joint Staff also underlined: now it is extremely important to show to the world community that Russia had no aggressive intent. "Moreover, the trophy documents we have contain comprehensive information that the Georgian side had been preparing the aggression since 2004 and was the initiator", - Nogovitsin summed up.

It's a really smashing blow to Mikheil Saakashvili's reputation. But will the Georgian president be punished on the basis of the facts above?

Alexander Bastrykin says that bringing Georgian top state officials - the president, Defense minister and others - to responsibility on the territory of Russia is hardly possible. "They are immune as state officials under a foreign jurisdiction", - the head of Committee of Inquiry says. - This immunity is secured by rules of international law".

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