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Sunday, 22 April 2018


Response to Georgian export

2009-11-30 22:51

4720.jpegMikheil Saakashvili reduced the murder of Abkhaz refugee Edward Gurtskaya, a Georgian, to accusations against Russia for ethnic cleansing. It might be all right for a counterpropaganda slogan. In reply to the criticism for the war with Abkhazians and shelling Tskhinval in Ossetia, for discrimination of Georgian Azerbaijanis and Armenians, for legal lynching of them. But this tragedy in Moscow revealed completely different problems: one Russian one and the other one - Georgian.


More than once did the Georgian president boast of exporting all "mafia bosses" from his country. He is right: most of them managed to escape arrests losing their properties in motherland though.

As, an independent source, writes with reference to Vazha Letodiani, a criminal expert, 90% "mafia bosses" that evaded new law like Kalashov or Oniani fled to Russia while only a small part of them went to Ukraine and Europe taking small fries with them.

But the exodus of criminals didn't have only positive consequences for Georgia. Countries that welcomed the muddy flow of migrants had a quite negative idea of Georgians as a nation.

The Interior Ministry reports that a third of Russia's mafia bosses are Georgian by birth. "Crownless" criminals are no fewer - daily crime reports only confirm that.

Some fresh examples: recently in Yaroslavl region judgment was passed on Tengiz Luarsabishvili accused of storing and selling large quantities of drugs in the region. A few days ago a visitor from Georgia that dealt with cell phones was detained in Stavropol. A week ago some natives of Sakartvelo that controlled a gang of hijackers and exporters of foreign cars were caught in Moscow. This list never ends.

They say in Georgia that Russian media and the country leaders are nurturing an appalling image of Georgians "setting Russians against them". Allegedly this is the reason why Edward Gurtskaya died.

After the death of 19 year-old Megrel President Mikheil Saakashvili stated "Russia keeps persecuting Georgians for ethnicity".

What's right about his statement? Indeed the concept that Georgians are black economy tycoons and leaders of organized criminal activity in Russia exists. Immigrants from this country and Saakashvili himself who never misses an opportunity to joke about exports of criminals continue to prove that.

The president also likes to remind that not only "thieves" but his political opponents and many of his ex teammates fled more stringent law. So any migrant from Georgia is initially suspected of being on bad terms with law in his native land.

This is the main reason why Georgians in Russia, Europe and Ukraine are treated in a biased manner by law-enforcement authorities. By the way their suspicions are most often justified. Let's recall raids in Austria and Spain, latest arrests in Ukraine and Teriel Oniani case in Moscow.

This is the problem of Georgia.

How can it be solved? Well, for instance, Mikheil Saakashvili called on all emigrants to come back home explaining they had an allegedly bad life in Russia. Is life in Georgian prison any better? Or will it be safer in Tbilisi with beatings and sometimes stabbings at rallies and with the patriarch calling the congregation to stop bearing arms?

As for lawful Georgians they are much better off in the hospitable empire than in their poverty-stricken motherland. Since the Georgian government hopes to build a modern economy only with foreign loans having long forgotten their main resource - human.

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