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Friday, 20 April 2018


Access to the western democracy denied

2009-12-17 08:45

4877.jpegEmigrants from Georgia and Chechnya are storming Europe on trains. One of these days, about 230 people, whom Poland has not yet granted the status of refugees, tried to reach Germany without any right. However, the train was surrounded by police and the invaders had to surrender. They were denied the ticket to a happy democratic future.


The incident with the emigrants seizing a train in Poland is one of the examples of how the citizens of unstable regions of the planet are eager to get closer to the amenities of the western civilization. It is Europe and the USA that the riches from the colonies and dependent countries all over the world have been flowing to and in the epoch of globalization it is there that the offices of mighty corporations tower over the cities, prospering due to the natural and human resources of the planet.

The contrast between the western wealth and the poverty of most people on the planet is so sharp that it cannot but attract galleys from Africa filled with "illegal aliens" or refugees from Georgia or even the Russian Chechnya.

According to various data, from 200 to 500 thousand Russian-speaking people escaped from the North-Caucasian republic during Dzhokhar Dudayev's "self-government". After that, during the counter-terrorist operations, many peaceful Chechens also left the county. Almost all of them found shelter in quieter regions of Russia. They were given temporary or permanent dwellings, they got benefits, as well as the opportunity to work and educate their children. Many Chechens have settled in Stavropolskiy region of Russia in an even better way than the Russians who live there.

However, as soon as the order was re-established, those who fought on the side of armed gangs and were connected with them preferred to go farther to the West where they were supposed to be welcomed with open arms. For example, Akhmed Zakaev, a former emissary, found shelter in Great Britain. Well, why cannot it shelter the rest of them? But no. It turns out that Europe is ready to make a political step to spite Russia but it is not going to make any humanitarian steps, like, for instance, providing shelter for the families of the Chechen and Georgian emigrants (there were about 60 children on the train).

This is quite explainable: the crisis goes on and there are not enough jobs even for the local residents; as to allowances and benefits, the European governments have got neither the opportunity, nor the desire to pay them to those coming from the East and South. The more so, as the people who have got enough money to go as far as Poland will hardly work hard for nothing. Such kind of job can be easily found in their own country, both in Chechnya and Georgia.

Last year, when the crisis was just about to break out, 27 of the EU countries provided shelter to only 76,3 thousand people. 2,8 thousand of petitions were answered by Poland. This was the highest figure among the countries of the Eastern Europe.

This year, the not very rich Poland, where many migrants get though the Byelorussian border, takes time to provide the status of refugees to those residing in the densely-populated locations. According to Kavkazskiy Uzel with reference to the Polish newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, several thousand of petitions were denied since January.

The refugees are staying in 20 locations of accommodation and support of foreigners waiting for an official status or deportation. Of course, they are not kept in very good conditions; still, these people could have found themselves in the street, while now they get food and beverages, they are also granted zlotys for personal hygiene means, everyday expenses and once - for buying clothes.

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