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Saturday, 24 March 2018


Could Georgia have prevented the war?

2008-11-21 09:31

1/8/8/88.jpeg"Saakashvili's government has used up absolutely all its resources. It hasn't solved the problems which have arisen before the country as a direct result of his wrong policies. Therefore this government has the moral obligation to step down," said a representative of the Republican party David Zurabishvili, who was speaking on the ‘Barrier' programme in the evening scheduling of the ‘Kavkasia' TV station.


According to him, in the situation that has emerged Georgia's opposition must show that it has within its ranks a real force which can lift the country out of its crisis. "The opposition must not look for a new master abroad, it must prove that Georgia is a fully-fledged state, and that whoever comes to power here, this state will maintain the pro-Western course which it has embarked upon and will further strengthen Western values," remarked Zurabishvili.

On the ‘Barrier' programme, which had experts and representatives from the government as its guests, the main topic of discussion was the results that Georgia expects from the consultations taking place in Geneva on resolving the conflict. It emerged that the experts who had gathered in the studio do not expect anything in particular from them. "Thanks to the August war the attention of the whole world has become fixed on us, but at the same time Georgia has lost its role and purpose on the international stage," noted the political analyst Soso Tsiskarishvili. He stressed that nowadays nobody in the world wants to listen to Georgia - the government and the local media have just spewed forth so many lies for such a long time.

In the political analyst's opinion, the war did not start on 6th or 7th August, but far earlier. Over recent years Saakashvili's government, and before that Shevardnadze's government, single-handedly destroyed what Georgia had achieved in the peace process thanks to the efforts of the international community. According to Tsiskarishvili, the country has been governed through television. It is via this medium that society has learnt about what has been happening in the army, who has been appointed to a specific government post, and also what has been happening in the country and throughout the world.

"The media has deliberately distorted public opinion, and the results of surveys published on Inga Grigolia's shows have helped it in this," he remarked. The government should not consider itself as being without fault and should have a sense of self-criticism, emphasized experts. It should be noted that in reply to the presenter's question about what mistakes were made by Georgia's government in early August, the parliamentary deputies Shota Malashkhia and Koba Khabazi argued that its strategic line was correct, and any mistakes were possibly of a tactical nature, and that this would definitely be uncovered.

Georgia could not fail to respond to Russia's actions, maintained government representatives, but for those in the studio their arguments sounded unconvincing. "Georgia could have prevented the war, could have avoided becoming embroiled in a military conflict. Especially with the many million-strong Russian army," almost all those present emphasized. According to them, everyone now knows that there are people in the government who think that it is possible to resolve conflicts by force. This is what led the country to the consequences that it felt in August.

1/8/9/89.jpeg"Georgia's government creates myths, and even now it is trying to put forward another myth that the August war was unavoidable.

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