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Friday, 23 March 2018


Was there any boy?

2010-07-16 19:16

6388.jpegGeorgian president has again surprised the whole world - or humiliated his country, to be more correct. Dear reader, has anyone of you come to jubilees uninvited? If yes, what were your mutual feelings? Saakashvili turning up in Ukraine was a surprise to the authorities and Ukrainian president himself. As deputy head of Yanukovich's administration Anna German confessed - the administration learned about Saakashvili's visit "almost accidentally". It is known exactly that Yanukovich did not send an invitation to the ceremony to his Georgian counterpart. Saakashvili's arrival last Friday was not agreed with anyone so the "Tbilisi surprise" was a real shock to the Ukrainian side.


We live in a wonderful time of change. Country leaders used to receive invitations and paid pompous visits to the inviting party, or coordinated the time of arrival via Ministries of Foreign Affairs, or at least discussed necessity to promptly discuss this or that subject over the phone. But this!

Before rumors on the visitor reached Yanukovich's administration that simply shrugged shoulders Georgia's ambassador to Kiev Grigol Katamadze informed on the purposes of his patron's visit to Kiev - to personally congratulate Yanukovich on 60th anniversary. Not grasping the situation Georgia offered an immediate reaction calling the conspiratorial trip "a working visit" with the meeting "held in a friendly and warm atmosphere". That's it!  

It's nonsense that receiving presents and knowing Georgian mentality the Ukrainian president would have not left the leader of the neighboring state at the table. Politologists, journalists and analysts were given a nice piece of gossip. As a confirmation - no photo and video materials, no evidence. Is it possible with Mishiko's ambitions? And it took place a while ago. By the way, do you know the origin of "newspaper duck" ?

 "A newspaper duck" is a rather a wide known notion used in everyday speech. At the time of Napoleon one of Brussels' journalists (Robert Kornelissen) wrote the following "sensation". "How greedy for food the ducks are is evident from the test we made. We picked one duck out of 20, cut it in pieces together with feathers and bones and offered these pieces to other 19 ducks. The experiment continued with killing all other ducks until there was left the last one - fed up with the meat and blood of her friends". This "fed up duck" became a synonym of false newspaper stories.

By the way, why is Saakashvili so in love with current Ukrainian president? In a critical situation at the time of election Saakashvili was getting in his road sending to the future president's motherland - Donetsk - his so-called monitors who tried to change the presidential race in Ukraine in favor of Yulia Timoshenko. The attempts were so bold that leader of Party of Regions Yanukovich was forced to ask Saakashvili to revoke his monitors. "A foreign state must not interfere with our domestic affairs", - Yanukovich highlighted then. "I want to ask President Saakashvili to revoke his so-called monitors. We don't want them here, we will handle it without them". - he said. And brotherly love after that? "I don't believe it" - surely.

And a meeting between Lukashenko and Saakashvili widely presented in Georgian media needs a special investigation. Two presidents meet in the territory of a third country - in Kiev or in Crimea - to discuss their relations at a level of non-governmental or youth organizations. No documental confirmation.

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