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Tuesday, 20 March 2018



2010-07-30 19:29

6486.jpegAll dictators and adventurers are uncommonly alike and easily predictable: nothing new. When things go bad they initiate military adventures and if they fail they start talking about totality. Hitler used to promote total mobilization, while Saakashvili spoke about total defense in his speech delivered at Ministry of Defense. Of course, there is the law of the genre, and the tone of the speech delivered by a high commander before military men should differ from a meeting with farmers. However, the leader's open statement of his revanchist plans is rather alarming.


 Saakashvili did not mention attacking Abkhazia and South Ossetia: he talked about Moscow preparing an attack. "Russia is actively working on establishing control over the whole of Georgia. The enemy wanted to completely change Georgia's political regime, bring democracy down and take the country under control", - Saakashvili stated.

 But do we really need it? What is the reason to conquer Georgia? In czarist days it used to seek the Empire's shelter for years but failed. And what now: take Georgia under wing and feed it at the expense of Ryazan peasants? Serious politicians do realize it, while the light-minded are trying to trade on it. Saakashvili just needs an external enemy, for it would write off his own miscalculations and justify future adventures.

 According to Saakashvili, the main purpose of the Georgian state is "de-occupation". "We should get ready for total defense of the whole country's territory. Our task is further restraining of the enemy's movement and final release of territory and complete de-occupation", - the president pointed out, recommending the military men to pay more attention to the defense of each village, street and quarter during the reservists' training.

 One would instantly imagine Georgian hungry militia. Saakashvili underlined that today's army has got a sufficient amount of weapon, which is true. As we described in detail, the West has stuffed Georgia with so much military equipment after the August events that one might want to try the adventure once again. The problem lies with the staff; however, it can obviously be solved with Afghanistan's help.

 Saakashvili stated the necessity of acquiring military experience by the troops and explained that Georgian troops in Afghanistan are currently improving their skills. Georgian leader characterized the Georgian servicemen's participation in NATO military operations in Afghanistan as invaluable support: "I am not talking about breaking our involvement in the operation; vice versa, Georgia should expand its participation, which is already being discussed with the partners".

 Georgia has got rather a big military contingent. Since the end of April, the extended Georgian battalion of 750 servicemen has been soldiering in the Afghan province of Helman under the command of US contingent; the total amount of Georgian peacemakers in Afghanistan is 923.

Besides, Saakashvili added that Georgia's participation in Afghan operations is a "perfect military school for us". He admitted that there are serious risks in Afghanistan and that Georgian soldiers died there; still, "we need experience".

Looks like all the numbers add up. Still, Mr. President seems to be keeping something back. Blood is just a token coin for the president, but what for? As the British and Soviet experience shows, the Afghan adventure is doomed to fail.

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