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Thursday, 26 April 2018


Common Fascism

2010-08-09 21:38

6577.jpegWhat happened in South Ossetia is not a military conflict; it's a war. It is fighting Fascism, in geopolitical aspect. The world is again facing an old threat. It is not scale of military actions or amount of losses that matters. There is a tendency when the West fosters Führers, throws them at their enemies and then comes to understand that its godsons have turned dangerous and uncontrolled. 


In fact, the year of 2008 is the sequel of 1939. Hitler was in Germany. Enormous pains were taken by the West to strengthen Adolph in hope to set him against the USSR; Mussolini and Spanish Fascists were treated kindly with the same purpose, while Hungary was almost considered an example of statehood.

  With an approach like that, one would surely venture too far, and what goes around, comes around. There is a feeling that the western leaders' seats are occupied by historical D-students: time has taught them no lesson.

  Assessing the situation that developed around Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the years before the August 2008 events and after them, one can say that Saakashvili is just an axe in the hands of an executioner. He could not have acted differently. A punisher does not ask why burning this or that village; he just executes an order, which was clear enough: formally, "set up constitutional order", while in fact, "destroy everything pro-Russian and create maximum tension for Moscow"; use all means, do not bother about people and do not hesitate to be cruel, for we'll cover you. As to the West, it has got rich experience in contemporary history.

  After a cease-fire agreement that did not at all fit in with US' plans, Georgian forces attacked South Ossetia under their owners' pressure. It resembles Serbian Kraina when Serbians approved a cease-fire agreement and Z4 plan and the next day, under US' pressure, Croatia attacked Kraina. Knin was on fire; the territory was mopped up within a few days and the "international community" kept silent.

  The same scenario was repeated in 2008: destroying everything "alien". This time, there will also be someone else to blame or to be secretly condemned. Things would not have gone as far as collisions should Saakashvili not be America's servant. However, CIA taught him not to be sorry for Russian or Georgian victims, and it is important that Georgian Nazis will continue pursuing their aggressive policy.

  Collisions were triggered directly from the USA; it was Washington's fighting reconnaissance to see how far Russia will go. Georgia is just one of American colonies used as a mousetrap. US would attack Russia themselves instead of doing it via Georgia if they had a chance to.

  Saakashvili picked the day when the Olympics started in Beijing for attacking the peacefully sleeping Tskhinval and Russian peacekeepers. On August 5, Georgian Ministry of Defense announced "Olympic armistice" implying the cease of any military actions seven days before the games and for as long as they last. "Not only does Georgia support this principle; it is generally opposed to any military actions at any time. Georgia considers negotiations to be the only way of conflict settlement", - the statement of Ministry of Defense went.

  Treachery is one of Fascism's traits. Having lost the military operation, Saakashvili has been fighting in the information sphere for two years. It looks like Washington supplies him with theses. Mishiko has always lied, is lying still and will go on lying - there is nothing else he can do.  

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