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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Mishilo declares Georgia a testing ground

2010-09-15 17:02

7583.jpegAn interview with Newsweek, an influential American magazine, has been Mikheil Saakashvili's desperate attempt to make a good impression on his US patrons by swearing his love for Washington and mentioning evil and dangerous Russia. One thing he missed was promising to pierce stars and stripes on his chest. But in reality it was like trying to look cheerful when things are worse than bad.


It seems the States begin to realize that Mishiko is losing weight as a political figure like a fat lady that has finally found a miraculous diet. Saakashvili tries to hush down the fact that the Obama administration wants to hide this non-liquid asset represented by Georgia away, if not get rid of it completely. To Saakashvili it is important to appear as one of the best friends of US administration and personally Obama's friend - both in Georgia and abroad. The difference is that the current US president deals with Saakashvili on only one pretext - thanking him for another portion of Georgian "cannon fodder" sent to Afghanistan. 

But the Rose Revolution leader is deaf to any hints that political freeload of the Bush-McCain epoch is over.  As before, he offers Georgia for free use by the States as if it were the fifty-first state. By the way, in this interview with Newsweek he stated that Sakartvelo might serve as a testing ground for improvement of Moscow-Washington relationships. Right: what would two great empires do without Mishiko, a great diplomat, as a mediator? No wonder, Saakashvili's memoirs will mention him preventing a third world war and saving Russia and USA standing on the verge of mutual destruction in just a couple of words: the long-waited peace maker came from Georgia to save the unwise!

However, it is quite likely that the Georgian president will write his memoirs behind solid walls of the UN prison in Hague. Maybe, this is why he is pretending to be a "peace dove" for US citizens hoping to buy a quite place somewhere in Texas after the end of his presidency. Now, however, Saakashvili is trying to avoid loss of his presidential powers in store for him in 2013. He has been bold enough to reshape the Georgian constitution at his own convenience. However, even here Mikheil Nikolozovich will have no 100% security guarantees. Even if his National Movement wins the coming parliamentary election and gets him PM appointment with the help of all possible administrative levers. No ballot throw-in will help him to avoid massive demonstrations or a hungry revolt looming for Georgia that will result Saakashvili's trial.

Kirill Tanaev, director general of Efficient Politics Foundation thinks that Mikheil Saakashvili's interview must be considered from the point of view of Georgia's domestic political situation. "Obviously, a new turn of aggravation of anti-Russian hysteria has meaning only inside Georgia and is connected with Mikheil Saakashvili's activity in the country's political arena. There have been no aggressive statements or actions on the part of Russia. Certainly, Georgian politicians are criticized in Russia. But there is no equal mark between Mikheil Saakashvili and Georgia", - Tanaev said in an interview with GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

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