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Friday, 20 April 2018


Absurdist theatre: only a Georgian may save Abkhaz ethnos

2010-09-22 12:25

7844.jpegWith a nervous zeal typical of a telltale, Georgian authorities are again trumpeting the gross infringement of the Abkhaz and South-Ossetian people's rights by Russia. Yes, there is no mishearing: it is Tbilisi, which has been trying by all means to wipe off any traces of  Abkhaz, Ossetians and other national minorities from the former Georgian SSR territory in the last twenty years, that is now talking about the people's rights.


Another crazy fancy of Saakashvili's regime was voiced by chairman of the interim parliamentary commission for Georgia's territorial integrity restoration Shota Malashkhia. Commenting upon the information on the Council of Elders allegedly planning to gather in the Abkhaz village of Lykhny, he stated that such events will help form a certain power in the republic "that will appeal against the infringement of the human rights and the destruction of cultural heritage and ecology in the Abkhaz territory".

For some reason, the deputy did not say a word about such display of open barbarity being repeatedly criticized by the people and government of Abkhazia, and that the blame for it is put on Gamsakhurdia, Shevardnadze and Saakashvili's regimes. They were blamed not only by Sukhum but by international community representatives as well who could not turn a blind eye on Tbilisi's monstrous crimes in the Abkhazian territory.

Accusations of the "occupation" of Abkhazia addressed at Russia look ridiculous as well. Though, undoubtedly, the evil-minded Russian "colonists" have caused enormous damage to the republic. It will take the people of Abkhazia a lot of time to recover from the terrible consequences of the many-billion economical assistance provided by Moscow. As for the bloody stories about the dozens of thousands of Russian tourists, they will surely get into the annals of the horror industry of the Abkhaz cinema and literature. But seriously speaking, I think the heads of all the world countries will only be glad about at the "occupation" on Russia's part, except the proud Georgia, of course.

Now, let us come back to the Abkhaz Elders' meeting announced by Sakartvelo parliamentarians. It is obvious that such statements are an open information attack upon Abkhaz society: what if there is a couple of people ready to sell themselves to Tbilisi for a handful of crumpled American dollars? They might help Georgia make another trick: look, you democratic West, how the wicked Russian bear is strangling the proud and liberty-loving people, how it wants to raze the Abkhaz architects' achievements to the ground and turn the republic's territory into a huge site for its missiles and planes. If you don't believe us, then listen to them, the only legitimate representatives of Abkhazia. It is obvious that Russian weapon will be used solely for the attempt to drown the young Georgian democracy in blood - so, help us, Uncle Sam, save us and give us, poor orphans, another little grant or tranche.

The Georgian government has already made such trick with the help of "President of South Ossetia" Dmitry Sanakoyev. Besides, Abkhazia has got its own "legitimate" government guided by Georgy Baramia. Another point is that both Sanakoyev and Baramia are called nothing but "traitors" in the streets of Sukhum and Tskhinval. Neither do Georgians take them as serious political players any more; they are not kicked off simply by force of habit. It looks like now Tbilisi is trying to fill its "anti-Russian" pack with new aces and kings but is so far able to find only sixes.

Expert of the Caucasus Department of CIS Countries Institute Ruslan Kharabua

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