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“Prime Minister” operation coming to an end in Georgia

2010-09-24 14:58

7997.jpegGeorgia is getting ready for another political shock. On September 24, along with the parliament's consideration of the new draft Constitution, there starts a process of turning Sakartvelo into a state with the completely formed authoritarian regime guided by the everlasting unchangeable leader. Commenting upon the reforms, representatives of the party in power say about another step towards the democratic government model of the European type. However, it's quite obvious that Saakashvili's regime is very far from being democratic, though no one seems to have any doubts that the amendments to the principle law of the Georgian state will slip through the


parliament with the speed of a spitball sent through an empty pen by a young hooligan.

 The parliamentary opposition that is inconsiderable in number is losing the chances of preventing the plans of the ruling alliance as to putting their leader Saakashvili to the prime-minister's throne after 2013. The fact that Mikheil Nikolozovitch's full powers will hardly differ much from those of a monarch is practically undoubted.

Saakashvili successfully coped with mopping up the political, financial and even cultural elite of Georgia. There is a "point of power" instead of a "power vertical" in the country. Mikheil Saakashvili is likely to raze to the ground any signs of nonconformity with the stubbornness of an asphalt-spreader as the moment of switching from presidential office to the post of prime minister approaches.

Not so long ago, one of the president's accomplices, member of the constitutional committee Pavle Kublashvili stated that further discussion of the new draft Constitution is absolutely inexpedient. Kublashvili rather abruptly denied any discussion to the opposition: "They have had enough time to take part in this process and not to make any noise today when they saw the final project". Well, dear delegates, you've played democracy enough. Now you will either do as you are told, or you will attract attention only in case of your mass self-immolation in protest against the adoption of a new Constitution.

However, there is no reason for any protests: the new constitutional amendments awaiting Georgia will lead it to the lap of the West-European democracy. At least, this was stated by the parliamentary majority leader Petre Tsiskarishvili. However, one would rather say that a state of a Middle-Asian type will soon appear in the territory of South Caucasus headed by the sunny-faced Georgian-baschi Mikhail Saakashvili.

The viewpoint that the constitutional reforms have got nothing in common with democracy is shared by one of the main critics of the current ruling regime, Secretary General of the Labor Party Soso Shatberashvili. He refers to the Georgian president's initiatives only as to "violation". "For the first time, Saakashvili violated the Constitution in 2004 when he dismissed the six-subject parliament, having turned it into a single-party one. At that time, he made first amendments to the Georgian Constitution and got the right to dissolve the parliament. And now that the second term of presidency is running out, he is considering another restructuring of the Constitution. He is evidently tailoring the principle law of the country to his own needs. He has no right to run for another presidency term, so he wants to concentrate the power in his hands as a prime minister", - Shatberashvili said in his interview to GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

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