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Friday, 20 April 2018


Tbilisi harping upon “Circassian issue”

2010-09-30 11:57

8221.jpegGeorgian authorities have again switched to a much more important issue than preventing the imminent economic downturn. Why should one talk about the growing prices, famine threat and violation of the private businessmen's rights? Saakashvili's regime is currently facing much more meaningful tasks. In all appearances, the greatest deed that is going to eternize the current authorities is the Georgian government's strenuous fight for the rights of Circassian people. According to the assurances, Sakartvelo's scientific community possesses irrefutable evidence of the genocide against Circassians on the part of Russian Empire.


Tbilisi has even held a conference on the matter, after which the issue of considering the resolution on prejudicing the Circassians' rights in the Georgian parliament has evidently became a matter of principle for Mikheil Saakashvili. Well, no wonder: that's a chance to find another fault with Moscow. The situation is flavored by a hurricane of accusations of the genocide against Ossetians addressed at Tbilisi after August 2008. That's why the issue of the genocide against Circassians is raised in Tbilisi with such malevolence: well, look at yourself!

The story has been going on for over half a year due to the efforts of the zealous Georgian politicians. However, their zeal in serving the principles of respect for the national minorities' rights instantly fades away as soon as someone begins talking of the peoples living in Sakartvelo. The Abkhaz, Ossetians, Armenians and Azerbaijani - all of them have got a lot to tell about Tbilisi's tight embrace resembling merciless vice. The behavior of Georgia raising the problem of the genocide against Circassians brings forward associations with a careless and feisty mother whose hungry and threadbare children are jostling in the dark corners but instead of housekeeping, this madam is loudly rebuking her wealthy neighbor for having smacked her child far back in the past.

By the way, Georgia's official recognition of the genocide against Circassians may entail serious problems in foreign policy. There may be not only complications in the Russian-Georgian relationship that has practically been killed by Mikheil Saakashvili's efforts. For instance, there is a threat of a total split between Georgia and Armenia, whose relationship has already been marred by Grigol Vashadze. The "Circassian issue" legitimizes Yerevan's claims of Tbilisi's recognition of the genocide against Armenians on the part of the Turkish Empire, which may cause Baku and Ankara's strong protest. In all appearances, Georgian foreign policy activists will soon have to start practicing Yoga so as to be able to adopt such an intricate diplomatic posture.

In his turn, Chairman of the Adyge Khase public organization Muhammad Cherkesov, who is a great authority in Circassian society, is sure that all Tbilisi's initiatives are characterized by a distinct flavor of political "window dressing". "Everyone should understand why Georgia is raising the issue of the genocide against Circassians. There are countries with an obsession to play a dominant role in some part of the world but they've got no sufficient resources for it. In this case, they do everything they can to diminish their more powerful competitors or, at least, make them look weaker.

The "Circassian issue" is one of the key issues in the Caucasus, that's why Russia's opponents do not want to lose the chance", - Cherkesov said in his talk with GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

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