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Saturday, 23 June 2018


Americans tell Gilauri to let Russia into WTO

2010-10-11 20:13

8636.jpegGeorgian PM Nika Gilauri decided to create a missionary image of his country. As it turns out, official Tbilisi's task is to help Russia. The main stage in the RF's joining the world of civilized states, as head of Sakartvelo's cabinet believes, is Russia's entry into WTO to which Georgia kindly assents. It is evident still that Gelauri's words are meant for internal use only.


It will be remembered that the problem of Russia's entry into the World Trade Organization has been among major issues of Moscow's foreign policy. Russian authorities have made it through thorns of talks with almost all WTO member states. Only small but proud Georgia stood its ground saying no and waving slogans on notorious "violation of territorial integrity". This week prime minister of the Georgian government reiterated this stand during his speeches in the USA. "We support Russia's membership to WTO, but with one condition, that all the rules of WTO should be followed and part of the rules of WTO is that customs checkpoints between two countries must represent both states", - Gilauri was saying reiterating the need to solve the issue of border

checkpoint handling in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.  

Still, there was something that made Gilauri change his point of view on the night of October 7-8. It is unknown whether it was a prophetic dream or an important phone call on a quiet Washington night giving him exact instructions. However, the next morning the tonality of Georgian PM's changed more than radically. "We want Russia to become a WTO member. We will be glad to help any organization that would make Russia a more civilized state. Our goal is to make Russia more civilized", - Gilauri said to explain sudden change in Tbilisi's foreign policy principles.

Even a layman can see that this 180-degree turn was Georgia's forced move. The fact that the initiators of the decision are from the White House and not from Tbilisi is as evident as Fyodor Konyukhov's constant craving for travel. On the whole, it was clear that Mikheil Saakashvili would have to agree to Russia's entry into WTO immediately after Washington and Moscow settled last questions of the issue. However, Georgian authorities are shy about their absolute dependence on the USA so they make up all kinds of explanations why their foreign policy is as changeable as a chameleon creeping on a confetti-dusted surface. They realize that their words have no weight in the international arena, so they try to look decent at least for their supporters at home.

Now, however, representatives of Saakashvili regime seem to get carried away. Trying to put up a brave front Gilauri simply makes a fool of himself. Or he really thinks that true "civilization" is based on bringing his country's economy to parasite existence and establishment of authoritarian regime in politics.

Commenting on the statements by the head of Georgian government, Gulbaat Rtskhiladze, head of Eurasia Institute, is sure that they have an exact purpose. "Georgia's general public is used to the country leaders' statements opposing Russia's entry to WTO unless certain conditions are observed. Now they must explain their drastic change to a completely opposite position. It is clear that people of Georgia must have explanations. It might be some nonsense, but it must sound convincing for the people to really believe that Georgia can influence Russia", - he said in an interview with GeorgiaTimes.

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