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Wednesday, 24 October 2018


Tbilisi cozying up to North Caucasus

2010-11-23 20:14

10443.jpegHaving failed to realize the global project of turning into Europe, Georgia decided to implement another one: becoming leader of the "Caucasian civilization". In Tbilisi's opinion, one should take advantage of the more or less centralized position of the city on the Caucasian geographical map by trying to turn it into the regional political center. A conference held in Tbilisi last weekend is a step towards the pseudo-leadership.


Former Minister of Education and political expert Gia Nodia has got a number of diplomas. One of them reads, Director for International Caucasian Research School at Tbilisi State University named after Ilya Chavchavadze. This organization is one of the sponsors of the conference held last weekend in Tbilisi: "Hidden nations. Continuous crimes. North Caucasus between the past and the future".

Gia Nodia took active part in the conference. He delivered a report mostly focusing upon the fact that Georgia's interests in the North Caucasus do not go beyond the limits of cultural cooperation and rapprochement between the nations. However, he should not be trusted.

Nodia is the moderator of the conference group discussing the prospect of holding Olympics in Sochi and the presented reports were hardly dedicated to the people's rapprochement. For instance, the report delivered by Iyad Yugar and Tamara Barsik, analysts of Circassian International Council from New-Jersey, was called "Measures taken by Circassian expatriate community in the USA to prevent Olympics 2014".

Besides, the conference title "Hidden nations. Continuous crimes..." is far from tolerance typical of the events arranged by foreign foundations.

The conference purposes are evident: disrupt the Olympics, enhance the anti-Russian propaganda in the North Caucasus and, naturally, make another step towards the era of the Georgian leadership on both sides of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range.

Professor from Sorbonne Grigory Mamulia has practically set forth a memorandum of Georgia's future assured pace in the North Caucasus. He said that by opening its frontiers for the North-Caucasian peoples, Georgia offers them a third way: the first one is Russian authoritarianism, the second one is radical Islam, while the third one lies in getting familiar with the democratic and European values with Georgia's help.

An attractive idea implying, however, one simple condition: to become an agent of democratic values in the North Caucasus, Georgia should get familiar with them first. So far, it is closer to Azerbaijan, with which Saakashvili once wanted to form a confederacy. These two countries are actually at the same level of political culture.

Still, one should do justice to the Georgian authorities' persistence in promoting the ideas of the anti-Russian propaganda. Tbilisi won't have problems with seeking sponsors for its projects in the US until the "reload" in Russia-USA relationship is over.

This is the second conference this year dedicated to the "genocide" over Circassians, boycotting the Olympics and other bright ideas of the Georgian propaganda. Both events were organized at the expense of Jamestown Foundation from Washington. This is an American non-government organization led by former National Security Advisor to US President Zbignev Bzhezinsky and former CIA Director James Woolsey. They can hardly be suspected of cherishing any sympathy for Russia and they were truly lucky to find such a powerful anti-Russian propaganda practice ground as Georgia next to the Russian border.

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