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Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Georgia armed with WikiLeaks phantom documents

2010-11-30 19:29

10738.jpegUS are suffering most in the virtual war launched by the WikiLeaks website authors against the world powerful circles. However, Washington may get another stab in the back from its most loyal and faithful satellite, Georgia. Tbilisi's decision on using the documents provided by the scandalous Internet-portal known for its anti-American attitude may become one of Mikheil Saakashvili's grossest mistakes.


WikiLeaks materials have blown up the Global Network, threatening to play the same role for the world diplomacy as the huge lump of ice once played for Titanic. Perhaps, because of the scale of the affair, someone is trying to quietly make a small business on these documents. Georgian diplomats, media, bloggers and "experts" are unanimously filling the air with triumphant exclamations. Their idea is practically the same: the notorious WikiLeaks website has finally told the world that the war in South Ossetia was initiated by Russia. Be it known to you that it was the cruel "armed gangs" supported by vicious Russians that forced us, the lovers of peace, to venture another magic trick. As one would say, watch my hands.

Step one. Rustavi-2 TV channel states that the WikiLeaks documents contain "all the evidence provided by a group of Americans working in Georgia" proving that "Georgia had not been planning any war at all". It seems to be unimportant that the Russian Reporter magazine website has published some of the materials of the notorious WikiLeaks website describing the circumstances of the South-Ossetian war, which are represented in a light hardly favourable for Tbilisi.

Step two. Main Georgian Internet periodicals are chasing each other in publishing one and the same piece of news actually copying a quotation cited by Rustavi-2. At the same time, we may hear Georgian political experts' delighted comments: "Well, we've always said that!", "At last, the world is going to learn the truth" and etc.

Step three, the main one: for those who preferred Russian Reporter's materials to Georgian sources. Blogger cyxymu, who is famous for his impartiality and sincerity, publishes a real informational "bomb". It turns out that there was another article relating to the Wikileaks documents which gave a step-by-step review of the events preceding the August tragedy in South Ossetia and the details of the war. According to this data, everything was just the way Tbilisi has been trying to present it for two years: Ossetians fired first and were supported by Russians, while Georgia was "just" trying to establish constitutional order in its territory. The point is, however, that the WikiLeaks website gives none of such facts. 

It should be underlined that first deputy editor-in-chief of Russian Reporter magazine Vladimir Shpak was rather surprised at the rumours that his periodical allegedly has published the "Georgian" part of WikiLeaks records with the conclusions that Russia initiated the war in South Ossetia. "There are no conclusions in our materials. Naturally, we've dedicated quite a big block to the correspondence between US Ambassador to Georgia John Teft and US State Department but there is nothing of the sort there. There is Washington's position as to the conflict, and we are going to publish it on the newsline.

To make it short, he is just describing Georgia's position and then sticks to the position "we do not know who started the war". We do not mention that Americans claim Georgia to have started the war", - Shpak told GeorgiaTimes correspondent.

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