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Explosion in Kutaisi: causes and consequences

2010-12-21 17:32

Explosion in Kutaisi: causes and consequencesThe current regime in Georgia has long forsaken the notion of the Great Patriotic War. Soviet occupation museums, textbooks rewritten, monuments to the warriors who died for "territorial integrity" of the republic are attributes of Saakashvili's Georgia. That is why when Glory Memorial was blown up in Kutaisi last year many people just shook their heads tired of Mishiko's blasphemy. However, as time shows, the Georgian leader has to face his Russophobia on his own. People in both countries favored reconstruction of the Memorial analog in Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow.


And today is the opening day.

Even before Kutaisi monument was pulled down, both Georgian society and opposition tried to warn Saakashvili against following the example of the Balts. Common people and culture figures - everyone - were trying to dissuade the president from this barbarian plan. Still, as it turned out, Sakartvelo leader is so sick with Russophobia that nobody can dissuade him.

The Glory Memorial to GPW warriors was exploded on December 19. The event was anticipated in a hurry resulting in the death of a 8-year-old girl and her mother. But any death toll is out of question when Georgian rulers are destroying the Soviet past and plan to build a parliamentary building that has not been even considered yet by the way...

Russia as well as the West condemned historical vandalism. As Russian PM Vladimir Putin stated, the demolition of the monument is another attempt to erase the past from the memory of Soviet nations, also heroic past. He suggested reconstructing the monument in the capital of once united state - in Moscow. Besides, there was information in the media that UNESCO can punish Georgia for demolition of the Victory Monument protected by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Nonetheless, Georgian fighters with the Soviet past haven't got their fairing yet. Well, let God be their judge.

After all, what else could be expected from people who believe that the USSR "shares responsibility" for unleashing the WWII with Germany? All of a sudden, Baltic states and Georgia decided to reconsider their attitude to people who took part in the war on the fascist side. As a result these people are no more referred to as traitors to their common motherland, but become champions of "freedom of Germany". There is a heap of examples one can find on the site of Georgia's ministry of interior like materials on Tamara, a Georgian sabotage group that was part of Adolf Hitler's army.

I won't be surprised if one day Saakashvili decides to chant praises to 30,000 Georgians in the fascist army who not only assisted in expansion of the "Brown Plague" but approved of the race superiority ideology let alone fighting against their compatriots. Ossetians learned the Georgian leader's Nazi ambitions in 2008 well enough. There is no certainty Mishiko won't get back to his old methods. He pretends not to remember disastrous figures: 400,000 Georgians who died in the WWII. What he wants is to forget the country's past completely.

Saakashvili has insulted upon the past but he failed to blast people's memory pulling down the memorial. Neither did he manage to wipe memories about the ancestors who sacrificed their lives for Georgia. But could they dream of today's Georgia when they thought of the lives of generations to come?

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