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Monday, 25 June 2018


Georgia ruined by crocodiles and Putin

2011-01-27 19:57

12802.jpegAt the beginning of his way in power, Mikheil Saakashvili said: "I like what Putin is doing". His then image of a revolutionary democrat went against Putin's European reputation of a dangerous "neoimperialist". Still, "to do as Putin" became the Georgian president's slogan. He hates his idol, blaming him for every mishap in Georgia and calling him a hungry crocodile but to be like VVP is the purpose and meaning of his political life - a strange and unhealthy dependence which Saakashvili cannot get rid of.


These two politicians are very different in appearance but this difference does not matter much. One of them is a revolutionary reformer-democrat, while the other one is a conservative centralizer.

It is notable that the Georgian leader confessed in 2004 that he liked "what Putin did". With his democratic vision, Saakashvili saw a kind of authoritarian hegemon in the then president of Russia. He perfectly understood that one can change the hateful Georgian mentality only by the same methods as were used by Pinoshet, Chaushesku and Stalin. For some reason, he placed Putin next to these people.

Saakashvili could sleep a peaceful sleep. In November 2007, having broken up a peaceful demonstration with the help of arms, he much excelled Putin's imaginary "authoritarianism". He is still nervous: his habit of imitating Putin keeps him restless. 

No wonder there was "Putin's Day" in Georgia yesterday. Speaking on the air of the First Caucasian Channel that has recently resumed broadcasting, Saakashvili made Russian PM the main subject of his three-hour communication with the people. Whatever topic was touched upon by the Georgian leader, he inevitably got back to VVP. 

Let's start with the fact that the very idea of a communication session with the people has been copied from the live call-in shows that Russian prime minister likes to hold regularly, though even he has to give way to President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez in this respect, who once talked to his fellow countrymen for eight hours and eight minutes. However, leader of Sakartvelo is not going to beat the world record; his main purpose is to outstrip Putin behind his back. Saakashvili could have spoken from TV screens for two days running but, fortunately for the Georgians, he decided to place his stake on another things.

"The rostrum belongs to everyone today. In some neighbouring countries, the questions are formed beforehand for such grand broadcasts, while today we've got any questions here that the people are concerned about for we cannot hide from truth neither in a broadcasting studio, nor in our offices", - Georgian president explained the specifics of his live call-in show.

That sounded strange: there is no better place to hide from truth that the First Caucasian Channel. Led by someone resembling Oleg Panfilov, this channel was specially created to present a picture required by Saakashvili's.

Beyond the bought TV air, Georgian president safely tailors the facts according to his own parameters. The history gave him no chance to become a conqueror: he lost his war. To whom? To Putin, of course, whom Saakashvili compared to Persian Shah Abbas yesterday. In due time, he conquered the major part of Georgia and made life a burden for many. "Georgia had no conqueror of Putin's size since Shah Abbas", - says Mishiko, desperately envying Russian president.

He reckoned to win that five-day war; instead, he has to deceive himself by putting the shatters of his dream together into a more or less acceptable picture, secretly trying Putin's "size" on.

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