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Sunday, 22 April 2018


Saakashvili in chase of Singapore and Estonia

2011-02-04 20:30

13137.jpegGeorgia remains loyal to its ideals. President Mikheil Saakashvili has confirmed that his county will follow the way of Singapore that used to be in a sadder condition than Sakartvelo but managed to rise from its knees. However, for some reason, Mikheil Nikolayevitch also put Estonia on the list of exemplary countries for Tbilisi, though it is not the most successful republic in the post-Soviet space. What's the reason of the Georgian president's unexpected choice?


"I often say that Georgia will follow Singapore's example, that even today, Georgia is modeling itself on Estonia in many aspects", - Saakashvili remarked. According to the head of the Georgian state, Europeans often ask: why being so hung up on Singapore; the situation is different there, as well as the regime, while Georgia is following the way of European democracy. It turned out the Mikheil Nikolayevitch has already got an answer to the question.  

"Democracy does not mean unstableness, - Saakashvili dwells on the topic. - Singapore is smaller than Georgia in its size and it used to be in a much sadder condition. There were no agricultural lands, no drinking or irrigation water, no natural resources but the country managed to become one of the richest in the world". Georgian president also added that his country with its fertile land, natural resources and talented people deserves a "better" life.

Well, one cannot deny Singapore's miraculous transformation from a small poor country that had to import even fresh water and building sand into an Asian technological paradise. Indeed, First Prime Minister of the republic Lee Kuan Yew managed to solve numerous domestic problems which enabled Singapore to make a jump and turn into a highly-developed state from a Third World country.

It looks like the Georgian president has fallen to the strategy of Singapore's PM built on attracting foreign investors and corruption control. In due time, he also declared bribery control and the corruption level fell down. And now the republic is developing resorts and inviting tourists from all over the world.

Still, it's impossible to put an equal mark between Lee Kuan Yew's and Saakashvili's transformations. First, having refused to take bribes, Georgian policemen and judges did not at all become independent. Full state procurement let to a situation when the people got under control of the ruling regime and are acting for its benefit only. Second, the republic has got great problems with investments. No wonder - who would want to invest money in a country torn apart by domestic squabbles where refugees are sitting in front of the parliament building and the local leader is close to establishing constitutional order by firing at his Ossetian neighbours from armor?

As was earlier stated by expert of the Strategic Assessment and Analysis Institute Sergey Demidenko, Georgia has presently got no opportunities to follow Singapore's way. "The "Asian tigers"' economy was based on a technological breakthrough and I doubt that Georgia is capable of such a breakthrough. I've never heard that the Georgians had a scientific, technical and educational base for such things", - he added.

Still, attempts to copy Singapore's reforms are quite understandable, while mentioning Estonia as an example sounds surprising, for Tallinn can hardly boast of any special economic achievements. The only thing the republic has got in common with Georgia is the utterly negative attitude towards Russia. However, some of the Georgian experts believe there is a prospect of Tbilisi's cooperation with the Baltic States: they say "these countries have got experience in transforming from the post-Soviet to European ones".

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