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Saturday, 23 June 2018


“Heritage” to start yelling together with Mishiko

2011-02-08 21:10

13249.jpegIn September 2009 Europeans saw all falsehood of Saakashvili regime when Heidi Tagliavini published her report acknowledging Tbilisi as responsible for unleashing bloodshed in August 2008. In the meantime, with Barack Obama's advent to power American string-pullers tried to distance themselves from Mishiko. But Saakashvili policies still have supporters. Heritage foundation, known for its exploits, will promote his myths in the USA.


Foreign policy failures of neoconservatives at the time of George Bush's presidency hurt reputation of US right-centrists affecting the results of US presidential election. Statements by John McCain, a Republican candidate, at the time of the five-day war, in support of Georgians and his condemnation of Russian "aggression" that would face a sword of justice made poor impression. Catastrophic consequences of policies by Washington hawks in Iraq and Afghanistan were too obvious for the Americans to step on the same rake once again. That is why it was Barack Obama, a Democratic candidate from Illinois, who won the election.

Since the Congress too was controlled by the "Donkey Party", Republicans and other conservatives had to face difficult times. Now, when a new presidential campaign is ready to start, it's time to get back to the spotlight. With foreign policy initiatives. It is obvious that international "hallmarks" of George Bush times like Iraq and Afghanistan are gone forever helping the current master of the White House rise to power on the wave of the anti-war sentiment. And notorious AMB system in Europe causes contradictory reaction both in Russia and among US allies in Europe.

That is why the last big international project of the 43th president of the United States is the only conditionally successful color revolution in the post-Soviet space - accession of Saakashvili regime in Georgia. But even this geopolitical achievement will soon turn into a deafening fiasco. Frantic Mishiko has made a lot of blunders in Georgia that only media professionals can erase  from social memory.

This is when Heritage Foundation, a very famous and influential organization among US right conservative political elite, comes into play. Because of George Bush's failures in international arena this organization had to withdraw into shadows. Apparently, laurels of the past give no peace to its current political technologists.

1980s were golden times for Heritage when notorious Reagan Doctrine was invented, now part of history of international relations. With the help of the charismatic US leader who nicknamed the Soviet Union as "the Evil Empire" Afghanistan saw the birth of powerful armed groups aimed at counteraction to the limited contingent of Soviet troops. Osama bin Laden, now a worldwide celebrity, provided serious assistance financing Afghan mujahedeens.

Now the US army pays blood-colored tribute to these groups. Another important role of Heritage Foundation was the White House's assistance to baasist regime in Iraq. With Ronald Reagan as US president the States were actively arming Saddam Hussein seeing him as a counterbalance to Islamist Iran. The next host of the Oval office - George Bush Senior - had to check quality of US weapons on his own soldiers.

Summing up this short digression, it is evident that Heritage Foundation has had a hand in US major foreign policy failures over the past thirty years. The only reason why the foundation is still supported by the right conservative part of US political elite, is dramatic anti-Russian stand so popular in that establishment. The latest notorious action was signature collection against ratification of SNF-3 treaty signed by Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev.

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