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Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Who will make Saakashvili follow Mubarak?

2011-02-25 15:19

13926.jpegSaakashvili risks facing the Egyptian scenario, as Tsotne Bakuria, a former parliamentarian thinks. The current president of Georgia has too much in common with dethroned Hosni Mubarak, former leader of Egypt. The protest wave that is surging up inside the Georgian society is likely to grow into civil unrest. Then Mikheil Nikolozovich who reshaped the Constitution to take PM's position forever, might be cast down and expelled from the country. In spite of all this, Mishiko continues to enlarge his family's treasury at the expense of Georgian  citizens.


Saakashvili's last presidency expires in 2013. At the next presidential election he will not be able to run for the position of the head of the state. Democracy, so loudly proclaimed by the "Rose Revolution", can't be sent back to Americans. That is why over the past four years Mishiko has been inducing parliamentarians to adopt amendments to the country's main law. Now, if the current president strings up resolution for holding a legitimate election, popular tumult might be averted.

Nonetheless, the picture of Georgia as a liberal state is far from ideal. It is so unideal that even the world community starts discerning vivid smears of authoritarianism in it. Debile opposition parties, corrupt government, dying economy and falsified elections - all these are Mikheil Nikolozovich and his team's achievements. Citizens of Georgia, mostly living below the poverty line, have had enough of eloquent promises of the country's current leader.

Unlike Muhammar Kadafi whose regime is actively supported by powerful extremist al-Quaeda, Mikheil Nikolozovich will never have solid support. Even the US suzerain is skeptical about things the Georgian president undertakes. The United States of America now plan to reconsider support for Georgia's authoritarian regime since uncontrollable Mishiko is spoiling Washington's game of reset with Moscow.

Nino Burdzhanadze, an opposition leader, points to unconsoling tendencies of popular revolt. One can only imagine how many times she repented having brought Saakashvili to power. United Georgia movement leader stated that "the social outburst" is near. Mass uprising in North Africa and Middle East shows that people are fed up with being rivets in authoritarian machines. Besides, severization of censorship in internet and mass media heats up Georgian people's interest in a new revolt.

As for the president of Georgia, he seems to be free from melancholy and sorrow. Assisted by Georgia's interior minister Vano Merabishvili he controls all businesses in the country and is good at stuffing his home money-box with millions of dollars. The dictator's wife, Sandra Ruffols, once shamelessly compared her husband, then a new president, with Beria and Stalin. Apparently in gratitude Mikheil Nikolozovich is constructing a luxury palace for her. For himself he bought a USD 7 mln rescue catapult for his private jet. In the country where there is a high risk that people's wrath will slop out onto the streets, any tool for emergency evacuation is helpful, isn't it?

By the way, US diplomats persistently hint that Mr Saakashvili should reconsider domestic policies. Last October the Georgian president met with US assistant secretary of defense Alexander Vershbow who tried to persuade Mikheil Nikolozovich to settle the conflict with Abkhazia and South Ossetia peacefully but the latter was so brave and self-assured in his impunity as to decline the suzerain's proposal.

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