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Georgian paths of Afghan drugs

2011-03-09 21:47

14393.jpegU.S. State Department analyzed the results of NATO activity in Afghanistan and published them in the World Drugs Control Report 2011. Americans made sure that the poison grown under their thorough control reaches the addressees, including Georgia and Russia. However, part of the drugs gets further to Europe, arousing the "golden billion's" concern. The report specially focuses on the Georgian heroin paths - that's another pretext to punish Tbilisi for its friendship with Teheran and bite Russia for its support of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.


There is a lot of useful information in the U.S. State Department's drugs report: their biological variety in the world; chief manufacturers and consumers of natural and synthetic intoxicating substances; the states where drug dealers' money is laundered; transit ways. However, the role of Americans in all these processes is described in a single line, though the research work might present interest for those countries that suffer from the evil of the XXI century.

The post-Soviet space has fully tasted the "advantages" of the opened borders combined with the decay of power-wielding structures and the flowering of corruption. As soon as NATO troops came to Afghanistan, CIS got flooded by drugs, for the opium production in this Middle-Asian country under the Americans' control grew three times according to FDCS and hundreds of times according to independent experts.

Today, 20 thousand Russians die because of drugs abuse; another 70 thousand deaths are in this or that way attributed to the consumption of intoxicating substances. Within a year, the country consumes about 70 tons of heroin, which puts it among the top three "leaders" in the number of heroin addicts in Europe. In all, over one and a half million people in the country are addicted to heroin. Opium, hashish and marihuana are also popular; they are grown by local dealers. The number of those consuming synthetic drugs is also getting higher. The UN's data is given in the report prepared by the U.S. State Department.

In Georgia, the situation is hardly better, though the qualitative parameters of drug consumption in the country are not specified in the report. Two years ago, according to UN, Caucasian democracy was the leader of heroin consumption per one thousand people, having outrun Russia. The source of infection with this disease of the XXI century is the same - Afghanistan.

However, just like Russia, Georgia consumes only part of the drugs flowing from the country where the US-controlled forces of international contingent have been basing for 10 years. The rest of the drugs go further. It is the Georgian way that is called the main drug trafficking route from Asia to Europe in the State Department's report. First, the Afghan product gets to Iran or Azerbaijan, then either to Russia, or to Georgia with further stops in Turkey and Greece.

Drugs are mainly carried by long-haul truckers in trucks. For instance, in 2009 European law-enforcement agencies confiscated 7-8 tons of drugs from the trucks that arrived from Georgia. Drug transit control is impeded by the laws allowing European customers to examine trucks solely in the presence of freight owners or their representatives. Authors of the report recommend canceling these rules.

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