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Friday, 27 April 2018


Onishenko keeps eye on Khvanchkara

2011-03-15 14:13

14615.jpegRussia's chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishenko gives one more chance to Georgian wines that crave for the Russian market by reminding that the ban on wine imports was introduced five years ago. Yet, carried away with unequal fight with domestic economy Georgians seem to be missing the boat. Certainly, not all is lost: the Caucasian republic can resume selling drinks to its neighbor provided the products undergo serious control on the border with Russia. Otherwise, sooner or later Georgia will have to put up with the fact that best known Georgian wine brands will be patented by Russian manufacturers.


By all appearances, the favorite occupation of Mikheil Saakashvili and his mobile government is fighting wind mills. Choosing total discontent Georgian politicians persistently put foreign diplomats in an awkward position. Due to the effort of Georgian diplomats Geneva discussions transform into an endless, monotonous and fruitless process. Russia's decision to join the World Trade Organization is discussed in a similar way. The topic is as urgent as ever: Georgia is no more in the global spotlight and is trying to get the attention back by making dubious statements for the world to remember what this state is and where it is located. Because the economic future of a huge empire depends on this tiny country in South Caucasus, doesn't it?

But the idea of Saakashvili's team failed: the world community has no desire to hamper Russia's entry into WTO ignoring complaints, intrigues and attacks of Sakartvelo. Even Washington clearly shows there will be no obstacles for Russia's accession into WTO abandoning sweet words of the past. Totally isolated, Georgia turns to the last resort reminding of the economic embargo Moscow imposed on Georgian wines and mineral waters. But Gennady Onishenko in charge of Russian Federal Service for Consumer Rights and Human Welfare Protection, a personal enemy for Tbilisi's officialdom, cordially welcomes the initiative wondering why the matter had been abandoned for so long.

Certainly, Georgian press and particularly bloggers interpret Onishenko's constructive attitude in a biased manner like yes, we know it's a show off for Western audience, and the political background of the embargo exists and can get back to the surface in the form of a new expert evaluation of products. But both America and Europe are used to seeing Tbilisi dissatisfied and complaining. So "exposing" Russia's chief sanitary doctor has not made due impression. To be more precise, it was left unnoticed. As a result, the only logical way out of this situation is to pass from words to deeds and try to comply with the conditions to regain the Russian market.

Gennady Onishenko, overly protective of the health of his compatriots, wants to assist consensus-building. Yielding to the temptation and comparing Borjomi with Yessentuki (in favor of the latter, naturally), he was hospitability itself. Reminding of the fact that Moscow imposed the embargo of Georgian wines in 2006, head of Russian Federal Service for Consumer Rights complained: how come that Georgian government did nothing to have Georgian wines in the Russian Federation. And the question why the government was inert is beyond the scope of Mr. Onishenko's powers.

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