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Thursday, 19 April 2018


You love NATO? Then love bombing Libya

2011-04-06 16:42

You love NATO? Then love bombing Libya. 15540.jpegThe policy of double standards the Georgian authorities officially advocate, is penetrating into the society still deeper, unfortunately. Alas, it's hard to resist  daily brainwashing on TV or in the press. The only positive thing is that victory of Saakashvili's propaganda is not complete. Only part of Georgian population gets deceived with the rest preferring to think for themselves. It was confirmed again when Kviris Palitra daily organized a poll: do you support the bombing of Libya?


Several weeks ago the West got engaged in a slaughterous, costly and highly precarious adventure called we-bring-peace-and-democracy-to-people-of-Libya. As it turns out, nowadays peace and democracy can be brought only on fighter planes, that spread these values solely in the form of bombings. The entire planet had a pleasure to see NATO almost splitting in their failure to agree on purposes and plans of Odyssey Sunrise operation with the Western countries agreeing on one thing: bombing is indispensible. Looks like "let's do it and then we'll see" principle.

It is understood why the Alliance member states supported each other, without much enthusiasm though. But it was ridiculous and purely disgusting to hear Sakartvelo's authorities barking along with the NATO. Against general seriousness, the voice of Georgia's deputy FM Nino Kalandadze was a puppy's squealing eager to play with big and powerful dogs that don't let it into the game.

"We are not members of the coalition and we can't officially support its decision. Though Georgia favors the UN adopted resolution lying at the basis of this operation", - Kalandadze said without being asked to. It is hard to imagine that somebody inside NATO might be interested in Georgia's opinion on the Libyan question.

Among other things, the deputy FM stated that Georgia supports and favors all decisions of the international community aimed at peace and security. The purpose of NATO's bombing of Libya is obvious. It is also clear why Georgia's current government feels deep spiritual kinship with those who invade a foreign country out of the blue. No doubt, Tbilisi will support NATO's any decision, even if the alliance decides to attack another dozen of countries. The cognitive dissonance will arise only if NATO turns to shell Georgia.

Though, certainly, official Tbilisi has purely Gottentot morals: it's good to steal a neighbor's cow, and it's wrong when a neighbor steals mine. It is strange why Saakashvili was not happy to see Russia interfering in the war he unleashed in 2008 and quickly restoring peace and order in South Ossetia chasing Georgian troops from Tskhinval. Bombing was unnecessary: least of all Saakashvili resembles Colonel Qaddafi.

Another thing looks weird. Why was the official position of the authorities, double-bottomed as it is, so strongly supported by the population? Surely, it is wrong to quote Kalandadze that all "Georgia supports and favors" NATO's bombing. But a good half of Georgians really believe that Odyssey Sunrise will do a lot of good to the people of Libya.

Kviris Palitra daily vividly proves this fact. 414 persons were interrogated with 49.5% of the respondents supporting the military operation in Libya. Almost a half.

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