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Night Fun of Great Saakashvili

2011-04-12 12:11

Night Fun of Great Saakashvili. 15744.jpegMikhail Saakashvili continues telling the world about his extraordinary personality. His interview to the British broadcaster CNBC is rich with the details of his difficult life in the presidential palace, the absence of any relations with the Russian Federation and the obstacles on Georgia's way to the NATO. The leading idea of his speech was, of course, the support that the international community is supposedly giving to


the Caucasian republic. The Sakartvelo leader does not seem to lose his hope to convince Europe that it loves Georgia. And spends all his nights on improving his relations with it.

For several minutes Saakashvili drew pictures of Georgia's delights, stating that his republic was one of the most developed countries of the Eastern Europe. If one sees or reads some latest interviews with the Georgian leader, it is easy to understand that the dreams of democracy are becoming an obsession for him. And in order to make them come true he has to work a lot. The Georgian president works really tirelessly: it is not that easy to disguise a police state with an autocratic regime as a liberal European country. Sometimes Mikhail Nikolaevich does not even manage to sleep. After Washington and NATO had indicated the right course to the Caucasian republic they started happily forgetting the small state in the South Caucasus.

And now they do not care at all about the Georgian president any longer. During their unequal battle with the inexhaustible colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Mishiko to solve the problems and issues that have fallen to him by himself. So, according to the Georgian leader, the first thing he does in bed is to satisfy himself and then to analyze the past day. But then he hurriedly admitted to his blonde interviewer that, of course, it doesn't become a supreme leader to suffer such an "ailment.

"I regret a lot every night. Before sleeping I run over the past day and think what I have done today. This is a rule of my life. I always think if I could do more or differently. The worst thing is when you give way to self-satisfaction and think "how cool I am", look in the mirror and say "how well I coped with this affair". If so, it is better not to wake up on the second day", Saakashvili told the British.

All the world community could get evidence how cool is the Georgian president during the August conflict of 2008, when the Commander in Chief of the Caucasian republic escaped the rumble of an airplane, taking it as a burst of fire. He knew what to say of that five-day war, too. However, his words were not new at all: it turned out that the Russian Premier Vladimir Putin was to blame for everything. Even after Heidi Tagliavini's report had opened the Europeans' eyes to reality, Mikhail Nikolozovich does not lose his hope to convince them that he himself and his country are victims of a plot of the "fierce Russian bear" that purposely grabbed twenty percent of the Georgian territory and does not turn a hair. In Saakashvili's opinion, the Russian politics are significantly influenced by the aftersounds of the "Evil Empire" that the Sakartvelo government is successfully fighting against.

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