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Thursday, 26 April 2018


Historical Armeniophobia

2011-04-26 20:05

Historical Armeniophobia. 16325.jpegOne of these days, Georgian and Azerbaijani nationalistic scientists arranged a joint conference called "Caucasian Home and Armenians" claiming no neutrality and political correctness. Historians from the capitals of two amicable Caucasian countries in a day formed a statement about the Armenian people's "guiltiness". The main accusation brought against Armenians is that they are allegedly building a state "from sea to sea". No need to say that representatives of the "guilty nation" did not attend the event.


Such venues must be the best place for shooting movies about Nazi scientists who formed the position of the Fascist Germany in respect of the Jews. Having armed themselves with thick clubs and serious faces, over two dozens of obese Azerbaijani historians of a considerable age in bright ties dwelled on the Armenians' "crimes and treason" in perfect Russian and with Soviet pragmatism. They have the right to do so, for Azerbaijan lost the war for Nagorny Karabakh with Armenia, and the Azerbaijani scientists have got no reasons to like Armenian people and country. But the peculiar trait of the "Caucasian Home and Armenians" conference was, of course, the participation of the Georgian historians. Let us turn our attention to these latter ones.

It must be stated that Azerbaijani knew whom to bring to the conference. The purpose of the event was hardly an objective analysis of relationship with Armenia. That is why, a delegation was invited from Tbilisi, including two prominent scientists, Zurab Papaskiri and Guram Markhulia. Both of them are tutors at the so-called Sukhum University in exile. Recognized Armeniophobes, they have been for many years conducting their activity on substantiating the harmful essence of the Armenian nation.

Just like his colleague, Guram Markhulia is a native of Abkhazia. Markhulia was born in the village of Akhalsheni of Sukhum region and worked as a teacher there before the 1992-1993 war. He paid attention to the "excessive" amount of Armenians in Sukhum suburbs and later on made plenty of conclusions about the Armenian territorial appetites basing on these impressions. For instance, the resettlement of Armenians from the Ottoman Empire to the Black Sea region is not an attempt to escape from genocide but a malicious expansion of the area inhabited by Armenian ethnos. In one of his works, the ethnic narration about the population of Abkhazia by Armenians ends up with a phrase: "...that's how Sukhumi was surrounded by Armenians". In Markhulia's opinion, even the Georgian-Abkhaz war was just a step to strengthen Armenian positions in Abkhazia. He believes that the Armenians purposefully helped the Abkhaz to squeeze out the Georgians so as to gradually do the same to the Abkhaz later on.

In 2009, Guram Markhulia published a book titled: "The longsuffering Armenia: myths and reality". The book became the first Armenian manifesto. The entire history of the country was declared a campaign aimed at getting new territories and the history of neighbours - Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey - a fight with Armenian expansion. The core motif of Markhulia's creative work is a thesis that the long-cherished dream of the world Armenians is the creation of their own state "from sea to sea" - from the Caspian to the Black Sea.

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