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Thursday, 19 July 2018


West tired of feeding free riders

2011-05-06 13:34

West tired of feeding free riders. 16732.jpegVarious experts criticize "free" Georgia still more rigidly these days. Georgia has lost its image of a beacon of democracy in Caucasus. Establishment of America and Europe condemns large-scale support for Saakashvili's regime provided by Washington and Brussels. Now the Georgian president's value for the West can be compared with the usefulness of a bull to be milked.


Not long ago Doug Bandow, Ronald Reagan's special assistant at the time of Reagan's presidency published an article in The National Interest, an influential journal, severely criticizing the habit of US authorities to make "useless" friends. According to the analyst, Washington basically cultivates a parasitic attitude particularly in the sphere of security provision in some countries.

Some Asian, Middle Eastern and European leaders, the expert reiterates, totally rely on groups of courageous sea-soldiers under the stars and stripes. The economic situation is similar. The States undertook the role of a "global gendarme" and the duties of the world's usurer (thanks to the printing machine). Many weak political figures take advantage of that making themselves yet more dependent on Americans.

A bright example of such dependence, according to Bandow, is Georgia's current elite. He notes confidence of Mikheil Saakashvili and his teammates thinking that America must help Tbilisi because Georgia does so much for the States sending crowds of peacekeepers without whom the operation in Afghanistan and Iraq would have ended in a defeat of the international coalition. Bandow is rather skeptical about a passionate desire of Georgian authorities to join NATO as soon as possible. "Saakashvili still hopes to squeeze Tbilisi into NATO, which would win Georgia the same legal defense obligation from America as possessed by the other dependent alliance members", - the expert emphasizes.

The US politologist continues criticizing Georgian authorities. He concludes that the behavior of the country's leaders can be easily compared with the attempts of Libyan rebels to press NATO forces for overthrowing Qaddafi. Saakashvili dreams of solving the problem in relations with Russia (as well as Abkhazia and South Ossetia) in the same way as the colonel's opponents try to kill him with other people's hands, Bandow asserts. And there is little to be said in contradiction.

The president of Georgia made hatred for Russia the core of his state policy. Such a clause has not been introduced to the country's Constitution yet. However, it's part of the National Security Concept so pathetically discussed by the parliament for a few months already. The trouble is that Saakashvili does not have enough military, material or propaganda resources to pursue anti-Russian sentiment. As a result, the leader of the Rose Revolution has to offer services of "number one counterbalance of Moscow in Caucasus". Once Washington fell for it, and Mikheil Nikolozovich got a sort of "golden label" from Americans that helped him take presidency.

With time the monotonous story about "an angry Russian bear" that Saakashvili entertained his Western masters with has become annoying. The States gradually start to realize that attempts to make it everywhere will soon end in a complete wind-up of main financial flows that helped Saakashvili keep afloat.

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