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Shevardnadze defends people from president

2011-06-30 13:38

Shevardnadze Defends People From President. 19005.jpegThe Georgian governors have got used to demonstrating their petty tyranny and incompetence constantly and everywhere. And they do. But there are hardly any other areas where these qualities of the Tbilisi politicos appear to be more bright and vivid than participation in the NATO operation in Afghanistan. While Washington, the main sponsor of Saakashvili's regime, withdraws its troops from the ruined country, the puppet despot, on the contrary, plans to increase the contingent. Last week the Labourists condemned the cannibalistic intentions


of Mishiko. Yesterday Eduard Shevardnadze raised his voice in defense of his fellow citizens dying in Central Asia.

The lick-spittling of Mishiko and his henchmen with regard to Washington is such a banality that it is even improper to speak about. Except those cases when it becomes absolutely unbearable. And the participation of Georgian soldiers in the Afghan operation of NATO is just that very case. Last week the Labourists declared directly that the President uses it as a help for his own criminal regime.

"Most of the NATO countries do not send their soldiers to Afghanistan, moreover they withdraw their troops from Afghanistan and our despot of Saakashvili makes up for the arising deficiency with your children in order to retain his vacillating throne on the lake of blood", complained Kakha Dzaganiya, ideological secretary of the Labour party, to his fellow citizens. He justly noted that having transformed the Georgian military men into cannon fodder for the North Atlantic alliance, Saakashvili tries to purchase the goodwill of the White House which is notably reduced in these latter days. The Labourists' ideologist found a couple of words for Brussels as well. He declared that the West should "reject the Georgian blood". "We demand from the military-political NATO organization not to take advantage of the misery of our people, to refuse the Georgian blood sacrificed by the dictator Saakashvili", appealed Kakha Dzaganiya.

These week-old philippics of the oppositionist are both true and banal. And maybe they would not be worth recalling if it were not for the impressive, though extramural response given to them literally in a couple of days: the President of the United States of America Barack Obama declared the beginning of the American troops withdrawing from Afghanistan.

"Our soldiers will leave Afghanistan as power is transferred to the local security forces. Our mission will no longer be military, but supporting. By 2014 the process of territories transfer under the local troops' control will be finished and the Afghan people will be responsible for safety in their country. America, it is time to concentrate on internal problems and work together on the future of our common house", declared the host of the White House last Thursday.

Against the background of this statement the previously published plans of the Georgian Ministry of Defense to send to Central Asia another battalion of armed forces personnel look like meer derision of the citizens of its own country. And there is no guarantee that this battalion will not be followed by others, because nobody knows the exact promises by which Saakashvili tempted the USA vice-president Joe Biden at their rendezvous in Rome. The transformation of Georgian soldiers into a base coin of unscrupulous backstage trading serves as another proof of the criminal voluntarism of the politicos entrenched in Avlabari.

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