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Friday, 21 September 2018


Georgia bricked up window to Europe

2011-07-04 12:07

Georgia bricked up window to Europe. 19102.jpegSome Georgian nongovernmental organizations blame the authorities for discrediting the process of Eurointegration. The European Union turns its eye on the dying "beacon of democracy" quite unwillingly. Currently the association is concerned with more vital issues and Tbilisi's striving for taking revenge upon Moscow for the economic and political blockade causes nothing but indigestion in Brussels. The leadership of Sakartvelo frittered away even the creation of a free trade zone with the EU, having called in question


its efficiency for the Caucasian republic. Will the European gate be really slammed soon right in the face of Mikhail Saakashvili and his supporters?

Exactly a year ago Mikhail Nikolozovich assured the population of the inevitability of Eurointegration. In spite of the obstinacy of the Western partners who do not hurry to fold in their arms the ailing former Soviet Union republics belonging to the Eastern Europe, Saakashvili was full of optimism. The Georgian leader calls the overwhelming desire to hang Sakartvelo around somebody's neck as a dependent country "yearning for freedom". It is obvious that the propinquity to the Russian Federation whose must be avoided so necessarily does not give him a moment's peace. However, these vain attempts are doomed to failure as far as the Caucasian mountain ridge, having accurately separated Europe from Asia solved this geopolitical issue long before Mishiko appeared on God's earth.

Meanwhile moral obsolescence threatens the swing on which Georgia and Europe have had fun for several years. The mood of the western elite could be called nothing but tiredness already last year. During the recent twenty years the problematic Caucasus drained the world community so much that it decided to wait a little before discussing the vital issues. It goes without saying that the Georgian leader is dissatisfied about it. The liberal reforms and total democratization have not brought him an inch nearer to his cherished purpose: to become a part of Europe. Maybe the matter is that Mister Saakashvili makes wrong emphases?

But Brussels, in spite of the fact that it often acts with caution, considering the possible reaction of Washington, wants to become a full-fledged player on the geopolitical field. No wonder that Mishiko's attempts to keep a foot in both worlds and to please both the Old and the New Worlds got it angry. The leadership of the Caucasian republic, of course, makes all digs at Russia. Mikhail Nikolozovich blames the success of the "Kremlin propaganda" for the slowdown of the process of Eurointegration. The influence of Moscow in the former Soviet Union constantly increases and the West has nothing to do as to reduce its activity in the region: this is the version of a person chewing ties.

And below is the version of the nongovernmental organizations of Sakartvelo that believe the leadership of the Caucasian republic is to blame for Europe putting their country to the back burner. Several days ago one of the representatives of the government declared that the increase in meat prices in Georgia was a result of the Eurointegration. And such speeches "of gratitude" in response to the attempts of the European Union to organize a free-trade zone is the thin end of the wedge.

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