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Saturday, 22 September 2018


Georgia forgetting kinship

2011-07-06 12:27

Georgia forgetting kinship. 19215.jpegStruggle against Russia is turning into a mania. Having no chance to defeat the damned enemy on the battle field, Saakashvili's regime is trying to "win" by eradicating "Russisms" One of such words is the name of the country - now an eyesore to the country leaders. Sakartvelo authorities insist on forgetting the word Gruzia. There is another word that sounds better.


The great struggle pursued by the Georgian leadership for total independence from Russia is somewhat tiring. Furious elimination of everything that somehow reminds of the northern neighbor brings back a quotation from The Ordinary Miracle movie - "I've been following you for three days to say that I have no feelings for you". Hatred for Russia has gone over the limit when a bitter enemy becomes a need, the sense of life.

The stake Georgian leaders make on this struggle with the imaginary Russian presence is seen on the sacrifice generously brought by Saakashvili's regime on the altar of epic fight: getting rid of Soviet past, renaming anything that is connected with Russia. Mikhail Saakashvili has even abdicated his name and became Mikheil - in order to spite detestable Russia.

In the meantime "detestable Russia", insulted and calm, pays no attention to all these efforts failing to adopt incredible indifference Georgian leaders feel for it. Yet, instead of coming to their senses and stop craving for Russia's attention Sakartvelo leaders continue their "deed of arms" hoping that Moscow will appreciate that and will get vexed. In their attempts to achieve this goal they spare no pain.

The name of the country is a new victim. Mikheil Saakashvili associates Gruzia with Russia. The historical reality, i.e. Syrian origin of this word, is completely forgotten: if Georgia is called Gruzia in Russia and a number of countries in the post-Soviet space, this name should definitely be abandoned and replaced for a modern, politically correct and totally un-Russian "Georgia".

"We will continue our effort in this direction. We will press for elimination of the old name Gruzia replacing it by the new one - Georgia", - deputy FM of (still) Gruzia Nino Kalandadze stated.

A slightly less foolish and more logical is the demand to use the name of Sakartvelo instead of Gruzia. Thus, it becomes clear that a small, proud country is ready to claim real recognition of its identity globally. Georgia sounds slavish - Georgian authorities should feel ashamed. Presently their "message" implies this: "We don't want to lick Russian boots anymore - we prefer licking American boots". The option of no-boot-licking seems to be outside proud minds.

New claims sound nonsense to the entire world. Even the Balts, supporting Georgians in their anti-Russian sentiment, refuse to rename Gruzia into Georgia. Poland (that has never had warm feelings for Russia) is shocked too. It's not about strong love for Kremlin or fear. The question is this: who will pay for the Georgian whim?

"The word "Gruzia" is well established in the Polish language. For many years Georgia and Poland have had contacts. In many texts, historical documents, textbooks, governmental documents we use this term. It's going to be a problem to change it", - Magda Novakovaska, an employee of the Polish embassy to Georgia remarks. Sure it's not like naming a street in Tbilisi after Lech Kachinsky...

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