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Sunday, 23 September 2018


Big dreams of the small Georgia

2011-07-12 19:34

Big dreams of the small Georgia. 19495.jpegGeorgia cannot think of another argument to justify its incredible aspiration towards EU and NATO. It turns out that consolidation of small states is a guarantee of stability and safety. Tbilisi is indignant at the fact that the "hostile" Moscow aims at an arms race so as to restrain the American hegemon's expansion within the sphere of its own influence, for the force of gravity that is allegedly capable of integrating the tiny half-state of Sakartvelo into Euro-Atlantic structures is fading away. Russia expands the scope of influence in Europe,


gradually squeezing the States beyond the continental association.

Georgian propaganda keeps accusing Russia of imperialistic habits, reminding it of the expansion of a socialistic camp beyond the Soviet space and comfortably forgetting the fact that it was the most subsidized republic in the USSR that lived a very happy life. However, Mikhail Saakashvili said good-bye to the common past and turned his head towards Euro-Atlantic structures. Of course, he never bothered to ask Europe whether it is looking forward to the meeting, for Georgia's way to NATO and EU's embrace was cleared in every way by the United States of America. Thus, it is only the current government that is so fond of Sakartvelo's precious sovereign, while common citizens are well aware of the consequences of such "friendship", for they did not get a single penny from the generous dole aimed at buying Tbilisi's favour.

And now it turns out that it was the States that "saved" Europe both from Hitler and Soviet Union by having designed an intricate strategy for shutting the expansion, though the arms race, which America had hoped to win, led not only to a cold war but also to the "Caribbean crisis". Perhaps, some part of the young generation in Sakartvelo stuffed with nationalistic propaganda does not know how John Kennedy spread himself, conducting the policy of pacifying Moscow but their fathers and grandfathers surely remember the American administration's readiness to lick the feet of the secretary general so that he would take his missiles back from Cuba.

Creation of a North-Atlantic Alliance and its current fast expansion is nothing but a signal that they are still afraid of Russia. No matter what Brussels says about protection against foreign enemy, the bloc is a consolidated military force aimed at eliminating anyone who would not obey. That's what we can see in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, which are lavishly supplied with "humanitarian" cluster bombs instead of financial aid and economic cooperation. Even the West-European countries started to realize that entering the bloc was not just a mistake.

It is obvious that Georgia has never aspired to any consolidation model and it does not still. Its efforts are aimed at NATO's and the USA's protection of Tbilisi against adequate resistance in case of any provocation on Saakashvili's part, which requires becoming a full member of the alliance, allowing the construction of American military bases and permitting the location of the antiballistic missile defense elements. So far, Sakartvelo only sends its soldiers to die in the zones of conflicts unleashed by Washington in hope that this handsome gesture will be appreciated by the White House.

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