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Friday, 20 July 2018


Africa touches Caucasus to the quick

2011-07-13 19:22

Africa touches Caucasus to the quick. 19557.jpegOver the past twenty years emergence of unrecognized state establishments hoping to obtain desired sovereignty has become a regular phenomenon in Caucasus. Nagorny Karabakh, Abkhazia, South Ossetia revived smoldering coals of the national revolution. Yet, only a few world countries heard their voice. Now that South Sudan has been recognized as a sovereign state, interethnic conflicts in the Caucasian region can continue in a different manner. Underestimation of these confrontations is fraught with grave consequences.


The international community is very selective settling various conflicts. A primary argument in favor of sovereignty for one country can be determined as banal hooliganism for another. Forced assimilation of ethnoses in Caucasus as a result of Stalin's policy has turned into a real national outburst. The mother country that wanted to preserve control over people of a different origin by force was given an adequate response: loss of loyalty and active search of identity. However, separation of state establishments from Azerbaijan and Georgia has nothing to do with religion unlike South Sudan. Georgian leaders in their pursuit of nationalistic policies upon the collapse of the Soviet Union and with the advent of US-patronized Saakashvili took conflicts in Abkhazia and

South Ossetia from the latent state into an active phase of armed confrontation.

The civil war in Sudan that had been on for no less than 50 years, was finally resolved. The United Nations realized that it is impossible to put together what can't be united. However, South Sudan's economic potential with all deposits of oil and gas greatly exceeds that of Abkhazia and especially South Ossetia. The infrastructure left over after Sudan's northerners is not a serious lever of influence since Russia has already proposed economic partnership and military support to the new born state. Thus Moscow continues financial expansion into strategic regions different from force policies of Washington. The world now facing a geopolitical crisis gradually realizes that ongoing processes can't be stopped and that all processes connected with emergence of new countries are irreversible.

In September the UN, already realizing that the policy of appeasement used by the United States to satiate their appetites has failed, is going to put a full point in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The Zionist state created under Washington's protection has long been America's shield against hostile Islamic world. Yet, it is no more possible to artificially restrain Palestine's longing for self-identification taken hostage by big games of "big neighbors". In three months' time, at maximum, The United Nations will hold a voting with the USA divested of the veto right. That means South Sudan will be probably be followed by another state acquiring sovereignty.

What prospects do such precedents offer to Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Nagorny Karabakh? World War II that defined borders of decency for conquered states liberated from the aggressor, is getting still farther away in time. "Unique cases" become regular with reference to Kosovo that stirred another conflict in the Balkans assisted by Washington's efforts.

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