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Friday, 19 October 2018


The West treading on Georgia’s toes

2011-07-17 12:32

The West treading on Georgia’s toes. 19679.jpegRose Revolution in Georgia has opened the doors of the post-Soviet space for the West. No one has ever thought that Badri Patarkatsishvili and George Soros' money can do so much. Even Russia that welcomed the democratic processes of the former neighbor in the USSR has finally turned disappointed by America's protégé Mikhail Saakashvili. State coups that brought economic revival to Europe have transformed into the seizure of power by criminal clans in the Caucasus, limitation of the democratic freedoms and mass stealing of


elections for the purpose of influence retention. And now the stagnation of democracy is threatening the Georgian leader with the loss of legitimacy.

One of these days, U.S. State Secretary Hillary Clinton scolded leader of Syria Bashar Asad and called him illegitimate. It looks like NATO's Libyan operation, which is falling apart at the seams like a shirt on a grown-up baby, has completely broken Washington's nerves. The Middle East turned out to be not as yielding as it was supposed to be; it does not want to give its oil for the mythic democracy and behaves freely in general. That's where Georgia turned up, with which the White House is dealing mechanically; being afraid of throwing it aside, it still hopes for some profit from the investments made. However, Tbilisi led by Mikhail Saakashvili, who has completely lost head because of his own value, is rapidly losing trust because of the absence of any democratic progress in the country.

Indeed, each year, international organizations improve Georgia's figure in all kinds of ratings, where it shines among other countries within the post-Soviet space but even this does not save the Caucasian republic from dragging behind in the general list. These improvements strike the eye of anyone who saw Georgia before 2003, but it is too little for the changes to ensure a strong economic growth and increase the income of the people, most of whom still lives beyond the official poverty line. The constant geometric inflation and the insufficient amount of direct foreign investments reduce the chances of a real growth and the main promise of the ruling United National Movement to turn the state into Singapore. Inspired with the support of the United States that have been persistently infusing dollars in Sakartvelo, Mikhail Nikolozovitch has turned up his sleeves and tackled on reforms. But they are implemented too severely, in the form of a shock therapy, without the development of any serious programs of social rehabilitation, which indirectly encourages corruption growth, amalgamation of political elites with the criminal world and the growth of lawlessness in general.

Now even the American administration realizes that Mishiko must be ousted as soon as possible but the funniest thing is that the White House has removed all the opponents of the current leader in Georgia. The bought favour of several political parties has got a loud name of "the parliamentary opposition" but as is known, shifting summands doesn't change the total sum. However, Mr. Saakashvili's personal arithmetic turned out to be surprisingly right: within two presidential terms, he has been keeping the country in such fear that the May protest actions turned out a drama but still did not lead to any result. Today, this tie-chewing man is irreplaceable.

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