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Washington asks Tbilisi to close mouth

2011-07-26 21:32

Washington asks Tbilisi to close mouth. 20082.jpegGeorgian accusations addressed at Russian officer Eugeniy Borisov who is considered to be the initiator of the autumn terrorist acts in Tbilisi, have been turned back at Sakartvelo. The government should not have imputed involvement in an explosion near the U.S. Embassy to the Russian. Washington is worried by the shadow the slander casts on its relationship with Moscow, as well as by the fact that it discredits the pained "reload". American journalists have punched presumptuous Tbilisi on the nose.


As is known, Georgian authorities live according to a plain scheme consisting of just two points. The first one is that the vicious Russia is always guilty of everything; the second one says that if it is impossible to associate Moscow with another mishap, one should refer to point number one. This simple scheme allows Sakartvelo leaders to explain each time why they have stuck in the mire. Crafty Russian special services are traditionally to be blamed for everything, for they can buy and steal anything and they can plant their spies right under the president's nose and come off clear.

Thus, there was nothing surprising in the fact that a Russian officer, Mayor of MID Eugeniy Borisov, is "guilty" of a number of last-year autumn explosions, one of which happened near the U.S. Embassy in Tbilisi. Actually, one should not expect any other conclusions from the current Georgian authorities. Another thing is that the "evidence" has been so dragged in that produced an impression of an ill-staged show. Naturally, the Saakashvili government's arm is short to get at the Russian officer, so the whole affair ended up in sentencing him in his absence to 30 years of imprisonment on June, 28.

Both parties perfectly realize that Borisov will hardly spend a single day behind the bars. Though Georgia has made Interpol put the officer on the wanted list, Russia won't deliver Borisov of course. Thus, threatening Moscow, Tbilisi has humbly confined itself to arresting Borisov's alleged "associates" out of the local residents, reckoning that nobody will come to their defense. One feels very sorry for them: they have been sentenced to a term from two years up to a life sentence and had to sacrifice their lives to the anti-Russian hysteria...

Using its favourite sheet anchor, Georgia has this time stirred up a wasps' nest, for having accused Eugeniy Borisov, as well as Moscow in his name, of attacking the U.S. Embassy, Tbilisi has actually declared that Russia is conducting some terrorist activity against America.

"If the charges brought by Georgia are true, it means a subdivision of the Russian armed forces took part in preparing a mortal blow at the U.S. territory three months before the American Senate ratified a new treaty on strategic weapon reduction promoted as the main line of Obama's policy of "reloading" relationship with Russia", - The Washington Times, an American newspaper, reports nervously.

It looks like Georgia, deliberately or not, has got into the territory of the "grown-up men" and left its trace their. The funny accusations of terrorism and espionage that Saakashvili is so fond of have suddenly outlined a new cold war between the two great states.

But with all the current questions between Russia and the USA, two world leaders are not going to break their relationship because of Georgia. The price for the reload and good relations between Moscow and Washington is too high to let the absurd Georgian accusations mar them. Sakartvelo should be given a rap on the knuckles and the American journalists immediately responded by giving a painful fillip to Tbilisi's pride.

"The article (

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