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Monday, 19 March 2018


The lost Georgia: a tool for sick policy

2011-08-10 13:44

The lost Georgia: a tool for sick policy. 20648.jpegGeorge Bush Jr. entered the U.S.' history as one of the most mediocre country leaders. His presidency was a chain of fatal errors, the world still clearing up the mess of their consequences. An attack at WTC, shameful campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan and - as a final - global financial crisis. The row of these disastrous "achievements" was joined by Bush's worthy protégé in Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili. The American houseling's rule turned out a real national calamity for the Caucasian republic.


Mikhail Saakashvili has got much in common with the tongue-tied cowboy who opened him the way to big policy and managed to spend two terms in the White House due to falsehood including dull economic policy, which has returned in the guise of Georgians' total impoverishment in one case and a global financial crisis in the other case, vehement anti-Russian rhetoric and loyalty to power methods of conflict solving. The puppet put by Washington in charge of Georgia blindly imitated its overseas lord, primarily caring about its own reputation in the eyes of Washington politicians instead of the national interests of the people entrusted to this puppet by the will of circumstances. The result was the final loss of one fifth of the country's territory, the loss of essential

sales market for the basic Georgian items of export, and reputation of a provoker and aggressor in the international arena.

Even those relatively successful achievements of Saakashvili's policy that can be enumerated with the fingers of one hand reveal disregard for the country's interests and overt toadyism to Uncle Sam. Through the years of his rule, Tbilisi tyrant has been feeding his people with the promises of grand infrastructure projects to be allegedly realized in Georgia by his foreign friends. These projects include the notorious Nabucco, AGRI and White Stream. However, they all ended up with nothing, for no one can guarantee after August 2008 that the mentally sick man entrenched in Avlabari won't do another trick.

But perhaps, it's all for the best. If we take the only project that was brought to an end (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline), we can see that the economic and geopolitical benefits gained from its realization are nullified by the ecological damage the pipe construction caused to Georgia's national endow - mineral sources in Borjomi national park. The project was chiefly profitable for the United States: no one drinks Borjomi there; instead, Americans got access to the Caspian oil without passing through Russia.

Baku-Supsa pipeline would be really gainful and much safer from the environmental point of view for the Caucasian republic but Mishiko preferred betraying his country's interests to please Washington.

Another betrayal of motherland was Saakashvili and his accomplices' permanent attempts to push Georgia through to NATO structures. Turning into a downright toady at Washington's global Bacchanalia, Tbilisi rushed into the shameful military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. While Georgian soldiers die there, their governor and his henchmen are bowing and scraping to their American lords in the Washington back rooms. Moreover, while the USA and their satellites hurriedly draw their troops out of the devastated countries seized by civil war, the Georgian authorities are scaling up their contingents there. Saakashvili has made cannon fodder for NATO generals of his fellow countrymen in exchange for a vague prospect of being admitted to the North-Atlantic Alliance.

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