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Bloody “saviors” of Abkhazia

2011-08-22 14:12

Bloody “saviors” of Abkhazia. 21076.jpegThe situation in Transcaucasia is tense in the run-up to presidential elections in Abkhazia. South Ossetia and Russia hope that a new leader of the republic will continue Sergey Bagapsh's wise policies. Georgia, on the contrary, wants a split inside Abkhaz clans in order to return "unruly territories" under its protectorate. Despite Abkhazia's stand on its individual vector of development without looking back at its neighbors, this option seems quite unlikely in this unquiet region. On top of it all, Tbilisi


proclaims itself a guarantor ready to save "secessionists" from destruction.

The closer Abkhazia's presidential election approaches, the clearer it gets that the Georgian ministry for integration is an old trite story. In the past the leaders of Sakartvelo used to apply all possible efforts to lure the Abkhaz back promising neutral passports and other autonomous joys, now, however, Georgia states directly: no president will be able to pursue interests of the Abkhaz nation in the lack of a distinct policy. Shota Malashkhia, head of the interim parliamentary commission for restoration of territorial integrity is convinced that Abkhazia is facing a serious inter-clan struggle and the Kremlin is still undecided about one specific candidate.

Well knows the kitten whose meat it has eaten. Georgia's current leaders have belittled the role of opposition to such an extent that no candidate can be viewed as a serious rival to Mikheil Saakashvili that has sold the republic completely to Washington. Hundreds of Georgians die for the "American dream" in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet donations from the White House get scarcer every day and Sakartvelo hasn't come nearer to the hoped-for North Atlantic Alliance. In a situation like this Mishiko should feel himself like a piece of used toilet paper. Yet, he is cheerful and full of life periodically humoring the global community with his imperialist sentiments that the parliamentary opposition willingly picks up.

"We have been living close to each other for centuries and we know how to deal with them. No nation, whether it's Russians, the English or French won't be interested in saving the Abkhaz nation like we, Georgians, are", - this is what Georgi Akhvlediani, chair of the Christian Democratic faction said. Sounds astonishingly insolent: after a slaughterous war for independence in 1992, a conflict in 1998 and a clash in Kodory Gorge in 2001 Tbilisi keeps calling its so-called friends back to Georgia's fold.

What's more - Georgians don't even want to realize that flattering themselves with these illusions is like living in another person's dream. It's well known that in 1810 Abkhazia decided to accede to the Russian Empire independently from Georgian feudal establishments. Yet, in the second half of the 19th century Georgia boosted a new national idea based on the necessity to revive a "historical home" of the Georgian state. Thus Abkhazia became part of this mythological concept. Even the Soviet regime acknowledged sovereignty of the Abkhaz SSR until Josef Stalin forced the Abkhaz to sign a union treaty with Georgians. Curiously enough, Mikheil Saakashvili stubbornly remembers this fact denying all links with the Soviet country, eradicating memory of the past, ignoring the rights of Greece, Turkey and Russia as successors of the Byzantine, Ottoman and Russian Empires that Abkhazia used to belong to in the past. Funny, isn't it?

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