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Monday, 18 June 2018


American clones of Soviet camp

2011-08-30 17:10

American clones of Soviet camp. 21401.pngIt won't take long to prove Estonia's inadequacy as an independent state, as Helga Nuuk, an Italian rights defender is sure. The more demonstrative are her proofs, the more evident it becomes that Tallinn, Tbilisi and Kiev are calked nationalistic projects of the USA nourished under aegis of democracy. Estonia will soon hold elections, and there is little hope that Washington's protégé will be overthrown.


It should be acknowledged that at the time of the Soviet Union US special services were more inventive in undermining territorial integrity and national unity. At least, current developments in the post-Soviet space have only one name - circus. Primitive methods of struggle against Russia that in the aftermath of the collapse of the USSR lost its political weight but still remains a serious threat to the Western world, amuse instead of causing tension. Moscow is still perceived by many as a strategic rival despite all assurances of the opposite. For the USA in particular, whose imperialist ambitions make monarchs of the world cry quietly over their dampened dreams.

Thorough work toward the split-up of once united conglomerate of republics yielded its fruit with nationalism becoming the mark that allows Baltic states, Ukraine and Georgia identify one suzerain and seek a common denominator from Washington that orders complete alienation from Kremlin and direction of the foreign policy vector toward the North Atlantic Alliance. No matter what Kiev, Tbilisi and Tallinn told about democratic values they are striving to, in reality they are as independent as African states surviving on the UN Food program and currency tranches of the compassionate World Bank.

Ms Nuuk believes that total falsification of history and its rejection as part of statehood demonstrate lameness of this "democracy". In Estonia, for instance, even national mythology was reconsidered to fit current policies. No country ever falsifies ancient texts. Georgia is sinful too: dismantling the Glory Memorial, introducing new history textbooks that discard the Georgian tractate as an expression of free will of the Georgian nation and victory of the Soviet army over fascists in WWII - all this is US heritage. The States insolently assure their under-age citizens that the USA brought victory over Hitler to the entire world. Meanwhile, US vassals keep swearing eternal love and loyalty for each other reinforcing their inexhaustible friendship with meaningless memoranda.

Or they do it by acting: like, for instance, at the time of the armed conflict in South Ossetia in August 2008. Marat Laar, a leader of one parliamentary party was in Georgia when the attack on peaceful citizens began while "Estonian president was jumping around Saakashvili at a private meeting - without permission of people of Estonia". Naturally, it is fair to say that Estonia, Georgia, Moldavia and other Washington's houselings are independent taking such "adult" decisions. The question is who they independent from. This slavish admiration of the West that keeps attacking Russia in media war looks like downright cynicism.

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