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Thursday, 22 March 2018


Kremlin to win battle for Caucasus

2011-08-31 12:26

Kremlin to win battle for Caucasus. 21428.jpegYesterday Patrick Buchanan, a well-known US politician published a curious article in The Post Chronicle explaining to all unthinking states what slavish idolization of the USA is fraught with for them. It is advisable that Georgia pay attention to his words. He seems to be one of sober-minded people that try to explain how strongly the concept of democracy is distorted nowadays. And that Russia won't ignore provocations of US vassals.


In America Patrick Buchanan has a radical image. Even the Republican Party known for conservatism and devotion to traditions has a wholesome respect for this politician's smart words. Because he tells the truth. Apparently, he thinks that America has not entirely sunk into lies and has a chance to get back to its ideals of the time when the country was struggling for independence from British colonizers. Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address helped the Northerners score a final victory preserving territorial integrity - what the North Atlantic alliance members refer to as a pretext for aggression. The civil war was the most sanguineous in US history: the death toll in WWII is less. Probably, the reason is that people fought for the idea they believed in.

Today wars that Washington regularly organizes have no meaning for US citizens at all. Yet, they continue to lose their relatives on battle fields. Democracy inside the country and that is exported into other states of the world are so different things that the difference is glaring. Aerial fancies of US administrations - hypertrophied after the collapse of the Soviet Union - helped the White House feel unpunished for violating sovereignty of other states. However, a desire to set up puppet governments in strategically important regions turned into a real tragedy for the States - particularly in Caucasus. The experiment, staged for Georgia, demonstrated that impulsive Mikheil Saakashvili is a real delayed-action bomb.

No wonder why Washington abstracted away from the war in South Ossetia in August 2008. Wrong interpretation of instructions from the US suzerain led the "father of nations" to try and drag the States into the conflict in order to put a big full stop in Sukhum and Tskhinval issue. Apparently, arrival of NATO troops to the Middle East and North Africa reveals their clear economic interest that can be satisfied with a few sharp attacks of military air forces. But open confrontation with Russia is a different thing. Flirting with Moscow, offering friendship and then rejecting it to create a new crisis of relations can last forever. Still, two hyperpowers will have to deal with each other anyway.

Direct confrontation sets too much on stake and threatens to become a real zugzwang for both sides. The USA, bogged down in Iraq, Afghanistan and now in Libya have no chance to win a war in Caucasus. One of the reasons is that Americans will fight for an alien idea while Russian soldiers will defend their native land. Taking Russian borders farther away by admitting Baltic states, Georgia and Ukraine into NATO is a too high price. And only Kremlin will be ready to pay that.

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