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Obama handing Caucasus over to Russia

2011-09-05 13:19

Obama handing Caucasus over to Russia. 21593.jpegBarack Obama who is rapidly losing rating in his own country has caused a new wave of indignation among the Conservatives. Ariel Cohen, a well-known expert in Eurasia and international energy policy, subjected the White House's actions to ostracism. In fact, the "reload" marked the transference of the sphere of influence on Caucasus to the Russian Federation. The reason is Washington losing interest and focusing on other priorities. Meanwhile, the "guileful" Moscow is tipping the military and political balance.


Will peace come to the region at last?

Ariel Cohen's anger is understandable. He is a Russian emigrant who moved to the USA in 1989. It seems the preferences given to the "prisoners of the Soviet camp" were so great that the publicist and expert in external policy, safety and foreign relations decided to work hard for his new motherland. Mr. Cohen does not feel embarrassed to air the Republicans' most secret ideas and aspirations. For instance, he believes that America should not bargain with its partners (that's how it has been calling Russia in recent years) but satisfy only its own imperialistic ambitions. But a single-player game was over in the times of Alexander II who sold Alaska for a ridiculous amount equal to the construction of a two-storey building of the New York county court.

Russia that has of late enhanced its positions in the post-Soviet space now demands an even exchange. For example, Moscow wants a fair compensation in the form of a dominating position in East Europe for its help in the antiterrorist activity in Afghanistan, with whose government it has been maintaining friendly relationship. To be more precise, it wants influence in the CIS territory. It is no secret that the former Soviet republics' full independence, except that of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, is rather questionable. Earlier, the White House's policy was uncompromising, while now the liberal Barack Obama, in Ariel Cohen's opinion, is killing the entire "American dream".

It looks like American establishment is worried about the fact that as soon as the reload started, Obama lost heart and gave up active meetings with the heads of the post-Soviet states, which was a signal for panicking not only inside the Commonwealth of Independent States but also abroad. Vice President Joseph Biden received the CIS "portfolio" but is still following the course of the current U.S. president: guided by their leader, the Liberals gradually alter the vector of relationship with Russia and the New START arms control treaty is a small victory over the unbending Kremlin, for that's the main geopolitical foreign-policy component for Barack Obama.

It would be naive to think - and many people in Washington believe it - that Russia would lend support in Afghanistan and would have concluded the strategic arms treaty without the USA's concessions in Eurasia. Those who believe it are naturally wrong. Moscow is very active. However, America's little slaves, such as Moldavia, Georgia and Ukraine, are convinced that it won't be good for peace in the region. Destabilization of the Caucasus is very unfavourable for the Kremlin, for it has got its borders there. No wonder that today Russian government is expanding and enhancing military bases and key military and industrial objects in Abkhazia, Armenia, Tadzhikistan and Kirghizia and actively encourages the change of Mikhail Saakashvili's regime. Doesn't it resemble the actions of the George Bush Jr. administration? Though, it pursued a different purpose than giving democracy as a present to the "wild hillmen".

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