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Mishiko the great, conqueror of Barbarians

2011-09-09 11:38

Mishiko the great, conqueror of Barbarians. 21794.jpegDespite ceaseless criticism of Russia for its "imperial" and "neo-colonial" aspirations, the Georgian authorities dream of creating their own mini-empire from the Black to the Caspian Sea. Systematic work is done in this direction as we see from recognition of genocide of Circassians and fruitless attempts to set up a Caucasian confederation. Yet, it takes much more than just a coincidence of economic interests and historical falsifications to build an empire. There has to be a legend, mythology of succession of


great empires of the past. Caucasian information portal has made another attempt to invent alternative history.

The creator of the new great mythology started, as it is usually done, with a postulate on a medial position of Caucasus and Georgia in particular. Naturally, the empire can't exist in the suburbs: it must be a center of the world and civilization surrounded by barbarian tribes living their primitive lives and opposing expansion of the culture emanated from the medial empire.

The author of "Georgia - Hub of the Universe" concept seems to realize that times of the Yellow Emperor have long gone, so he is wise enough not to seek Sakartvelo's historical significance for the world. Yet, he has no rivals in the Eastern hemisphere.

"Suffice to take a look at a map of the Eastern hemisphere to see that Transcaucasia is placed in its center", - the successor of Moeller van den Bruck, inventor of the Third Reich theory, proclaims. To dispel all doubts that the place is surrounded by barbarians he continues: "To the north we have a purely northern state - Russia, to the south - Iran and Turkey, there is the Black Sea to the West that severs it from Eastern Europe, and the Caspian Sea to the East as a border with Central Asia". Ok, have a good mark for 4th grade geography course. It could be an excellent mark, but the phrase that Transcaucasia occupies the central position in the Eastern hemisphere somehow spoils the impression. GeorgiaTimes correspondent spent a lot of time looking at the map but the conclusion is that the geographical center of the Eastern hemisphere is the Bengali gulf. Either the author of the Caucasian information portal suffers heterotrophy, or he refers to a special - Georgian- map.

Yet, the emphasis made on Russia's northern position is particularly curious. We may recall the words of Herodotus that far in the north there exists a wild country of Hyperborea populated with strong people immune to any cultural impact. The relation between North and Barbarianism is rather typical of the point of view of ancient people. Hebrews too described apocalyptical nations of Gog and Magog located far in the north.

The new ideologist of the great Georgian civilization did not forget that either. After all, his civilization is here to protect the entire cultured world from these Chaos bearers. Carried away with these exciting mythical and cultural inventions, the unlucky philosopher forgot that "Northern Barbarians" saved Georgians from the military, political and religious expansion of the Ottoman Porte. Most probably, he would take Turks to the periphery of the Georgian civilization too, but the problem is that Ankara is now Georgia's number one foreign trade partner making up for what the Romanov empire didn't let them do for two hundred years with the help of financial and economic levers. Iranians don't look like Barbarians either. Achaemenid Persia was the great empire when Transcaucasia looked like fragile tribal alliances.

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