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Friday, 23 March 2018


Saakashvili lacking qualification

2011-09-14 15:34

Saakashvili lacking qualification. 21978.jpegLooking like a huge holiday postcard at night, Tbilisi bedazzles. High guests are received here on a grand scale. No one of them knows that Georgia is a country of vain poverty and that the Georgians are proud not of the bridge resembling a giant sanitary towel and not of the government leading them to the cloudless "Singaporean" future but of one million fellow countrymen working abroad and comprising a strong economic sector of the country. Meanwhile, the unemployment level in the Caucasian republic makes one's hair



It should be admitted that Mikhail Saakashvili is a PR genius. His ability of creating a halo of wealth around his country out of nothing is worthy of American politicians feeding their people with a mythic dream. However, if we look closely, begging pensioners and shabby facades of the decayed buildings hidden by five-star hotels reveal the unwanted truth about the real state of things. Unemployment level that Mikhail Saakashvili promised to reduce last year is still growing, having reached 40 percent. External debt exceeds four billion dollars and the inflation is 12 percent.

Today's living wage in Georgia is 150 laris. It means that the only achievement of the president who has been fighting the economic crisis is that the country's population is unable to buy Chinese onions for 9 laris, Turkish tomatoes for 5 laris and Armenian cabbage for 2 laris, while bread that has become the only food for many is growing in price day by day. The government scrimps on central heating, regularly reporting investments and new resorts in Svaneti and Batumi. It is still an enigma where several-million tranches go but one thing is clear: the state constantly spends money, for the country's shadowy economy makes 70 percent of GDP, while according to official statistics, half of the population suffers from unemployment.

And that is if we do not take peasants into account who are somehow make their living on their kitchen gardens. According to public polls, 70 percent of Georgians regard themselves as unemployed. Mikhail Nikolozovich continues telling tales about prosperity, patiently waiting when the World Bank, IMF or American administration allocate another money transference to be instantly divided between the officials, police and army, which is Saakashvili's only pillar on his present post. This January, the Georgian leader again made several declarative statements. "Our main tools to reduce unemployment include agriculture, tourism and infrastructure development. Georgian agriculture may be twice as productive as it is now. We've got a lot of uncultivated land, which is wrong", - he tried to hypnotize the people.

However, the uncultivated land is given to South-African Boers who flee from their country, being oppressed by local authorities. The young and mobile government obviously thinks it beyond dignity to invest budget means in such a profitable project as agriculture. They try to make it on wine that seems to attract only the post-Soviet markets and the everpresent resorts with a room costing 250 dollars per day and with no water in the tap and no electricity. Under such conditions, the young, on whom official Tbilisi should reckon, have no choice. It is easier for the Georgians to be manual workers in the capital than cultivate the land, for if you want to lease a tractor and cultivate 1 hectare of land you are to pay a round sum of 450-600 laris.

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