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“Occupation” inside the minds

2011-10-10 13:56

“Occupation” inside the minds. 23005.jpegThere is one characteristic of Georgian rulers that can outshine their ability of self-publicity. This is a talent of skating on thin ice. Basically, the second part is a logical consequence of the first. Despite Tbilisi's numerous attempts to bring shame on Moscow, Georgia was the first to make a fool of itself. Yet, desire has no rest. Presently, Georgian parliament has come to a conclusion that Russia should be demanded a compensation for alleged "Soviet occupation".


Deputies of the pro-presidential majority in Georgian parliament plan to ask Veronica Kobalia's ministry to calculate the damage incurred by Sakartvelo over the years of "occupation" by Russia making Moscow pay this bill, as announced by Shota Malashkhia, head of the interim parliamentary commission for restoration of territorial integrity of Georgia at a session after demonstration of a new series of Occupation movie libel.

According to him, Moscow has already received such claims from Baltic States, other former republics of the Soviet Union and CMEA states. Ok if this is Lithuania laying a claim (forgetting tears and flowers the Red Army was welcomed with after liberating the city of Vilnius from the fascist plague). Hiding behind the demagogy of "occupation", Vilnius is violating rights of the Russian-speaking minority getting repeatedly criticized by EU structures.

Now it's Georgian parliamentarians deciding to take this slippery path. On one hand it's clear that Baltic practices of oppression of national minorities are favored by "democrats" from Tbilisi. On the other hand, they had better keep quiet about Soviet or any other kind of "occupation". Tbilisi might recall that the Georgian SSR was one of the most prosperous republics of the Soviet Union. The center spent huge resources on its development squeezing out the most of the RSFSR, primarily. A Georgian man driving a black Volga is a cliché of the Soviet epoch like "the first man in space" is. Who owes compensation to whom is a question in this case.

Besides, let's remember the nationality and birth place of "the chief of all nations" who threw millions of people to rot in camps. If we take a look from this side, it will be logical that Baltic states and Eastern Europe readdress their claims to Tbilisi. These claims can be supplemented by demands of Russia itself who suffered the burden of Stalin's repressions and social experiments in full.

Certainly, Georgian parliament can give any orders to the Georgian economy ministry. Doubtless, the bread maker in charge of the ministry will make the right calculation. Yet, what is her responsibility: she has spent most of her life abroad and hardly does she know intricacies of the historical process of her new motherland. Besides, deputies of the Georgian parliament are not quite competent either, as we may see.

Yet, if the consideration of the compensation for "occupation" issue is brought to an international level, as Shota Malashkhia threatens, much more educated and sophisticated people will study it. Definitely, the initiative of Georgia's law makers will be taken to pieces then. Even one of the severest opponents of Russia in Baltia - Marjyu Lauristin, professor at Tartu university, a mastermind of Estonian nationalism and a co-author of a mono-ethnic state concept, never uses the term "occupation" preferring the word "incorporation". It is not Georgia' s case.

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