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Friday, 21 September 2018


Neocolonialism in Roses

2011-11-24 20:21

Neocolonialism in Roses. 24870.jpeg

Georgia is celebrating the 8th anniversary of Rose Revolution in the role of a half colony. The crash of great hopes for prosperity is shamefully symbolized by a monument to US president Reagan opened today in the center of Tbilisi. With Mikheil Saakashvili as president, the country lost one fifth of its territory and turned into a satrapy controlled from overseas. A grotesque affirmation of the catastrophe of will be a protest rally the Labor party plans to organize near the White House in Washington.

A well-known maxim that revolutions are made by romantics, their results are used by cynics is not true for Georgia. Appearing publicly as a sort of hero heralding a happy future and carrying a bunch of roses instead of a gun, Mikheil Saakashvili quickly proved that he is not an ideological revolutionary or a reformer that seeks prosperity and well-being for his country. Even his most loyal admirers soon saw that he's simply a despot. Events of November 23, 2003 were a cynical coup of interim government who set up a semi-colonial regime that outshines even most odious deeds of Edward Shevardnadze's era and has nothing to do with the romantic Rose Revolution. That is why the official camarilla's desire to "rehabilitate" Revolution Square with a monumented bicycle unable to move ahead or backwards, seems an absurd sneer of history. And the opening of a monument to Ronald Reagan dedicated to the "glorious" date ruthlessly demonstrates the way Mishiko and his sidekicks took control of the country and on behalf of whom they are governing.

"My name was taken out of all Rose Revolution stories broadcast on central TV channels. Even textbooks that have a special chapter on the revolution mention the current president and late Zurab Zhvania. My name is not mentioned at all. This is sad but funny. Now, 8 years after the event, I can definitely say that promises of the Rose Revolution were trampled down. The revolution promised to build a free, democratic European country, not a neo-bolshevist state ruled by a provincial autocratic regime. Today's Georgia has much less freedom than before the revolution, - Nino Burdzhanadze, former speaker of Georgian parliament, complained in an interview with a US radio station. Erosi Kitsmarishvili, Georgia's ex ambassador to Russia is of the same opinion recalling those hot days as the owner of Rustavi-2 company playing a key role in the success of the coup.

"I can definitely say that the rose revolution has brought no good to the country. Georgia is in a worse state than it was in 2003. Yes, we had lots of domestic issues, it was a failed state, but we had immense hopes for changes. These changes have melted with Saakashvili acting the way he acts", - the former media tycoon acknowledges.

Representatives of the Labor Party describe absurdity of today's celebration best of all. As it is expected from the opposition, supporters of the party plan to hold a protest rally against Mikheil Saakashvili's usurpative power. Yet they understand that protesting at home makes no sense. Lessons of the bloody massacre in Rustaveli street have yielded fruit that is why Georgian Labor party goes out on to streets where their rights will be defended by ... the US Constitution.

"On the eighth anniversary of Saakashvili's dictatorship establishing as a result of the coup d'etat called the Rose Revolution, at 2 pm on November 23 we will hold a protest rally in front of the residence of US president in Washington. The event is organized by Georgia's Labor party", - the party announces.

Indeed, is there any sense in protesting against a puppet? Protest against wire-pullers! Though it won't make today's holiday of triumphant absurd merrier...

Apollo Maridze

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