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Genocide? To Tbilisi, Please

2012-02-01 20:11

Genocide? To Tbilisi, Please. 26272.jpeg

Another suppliants to recognize the genocide, this time the Ingushs, have appealed to the Georgian parliament. Tbilisi has already done this honor to Circassians; they're preparing to make happy Chechens; but stubbornly are refusing to recognize the Armenian genocide by the Turks. Georgia's position is clear - they are trying to increase its influence in the North Caucasus and to maneuver between the interests of its neighbors in the South. And GTimes reporter has found out why the Ingushs need it.

The anti-Russian Georgia is gaining popularity among the natives of the North Caucasus disadvantaged in the rights. We cannot say - "among the inhabitants" of this region, since in Tbilisi, as a rule, the immigrants from the Russian republics are complaining. Ingush human rights activist Ibrahim Lyanov is no exception. According to the sources of IA REGNUM, he has been living in Belgium for about 10 years. There, in 2008, they arranged a protest against the former president of Ingushetia Murat Zyazikov. Now, he's founded the "European Association of Ingush," from behalf of which he appealed to the Speaker of Georgian Parliament David Bakradze to recognize the deportation of the Ingushs during the Great Patriotic War as genocide.

"February 23, 1944 together with the Chechens, the Ingushs were totally forcibly deported to Kazakhstan and Central Asia. This tragedy was a part of our history and national memory. Ingushs, who had been totally sentenced to destruction by Stalin, were to disappear from the ethnic map of the world during 13 years of special settlements", the author of treatment reminds. Apart from this historical episode, Lyanov writes about three riots (1958, 1973 and 1981), ethnic cleansing (1992) and the Russian-Chechen war (1994-1995, 1999), affected his people. "The Ingushs have been and continue to be marginalized in the post-Stalinist Russia", the head of the association says.

Human rights activist asks the Georgian Speaker and the deputies to make "an act of good will" and initiate "a process for the recognition deportation of the Ingush people in 1944 the fact of genocide" by the European Parliament, which would be a "manifestation of genuine humanity and historical justice".

In Ingushetia, the majority has read this appeal in the media. Almost no one knows Lyanov there. The head of the Republican human rights organization "MASHR" Magomed Mutsolgov sometimes contacts with him, however, he also isn't personally acquainted with him and had not seen the petition to the Georgian parliament. "As a person who is engaged in the development of civil society, I support any initiative, if only they do not call for violence and ethnic or religious hatred", he said in an interview to GTimes, adding that he would have better appealed with such a document not to Georgia but, for example, to the PACE.

By the way, in 2004, the European Parliament recognized the genocide of the Ingush, as well as the genocide of Chechens, executed by the Soviet authorities in 1944. And in 1991, the Russian Federation adopted a law on the rehabilitated nations, which names the deportation during the war "a policy of slander and genocide". But the latter act has not been entirely executed yet, Magomed Mutsolgov said.

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