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Tuesday, 21 August 2018


Liberation of Caucasus with Chechnya as the venue

2012-02-06 14:10

Liberation of Caucasus with Chechnya as the venue. 26322.jpeg

Journalist Lecha Saligov is a hereditary Chechen white-collar worker who became one of the first political prisoners in Dudayev's times. His first "acquaintance" with Dudyev's zindan was in October 1994. Saligov ventured to come out against the ruling regime and was sentenced to death and cast into underground prison. Lecha Daraevich speaks little of himself, mostly telling about what he knows and what he has seen in Chechnya.


Lechi Darayevich, how does life in Chechnya today differ from what it had been before Ramzan Kadyrov?

Ramzan Kadyrov's father, Ahmat Hodzhi Kadyrov, was a straightforward, open, honest and, I am tempted to say, wise man. Before he reached the principle truth of his life, Ahmat Hodzhi had to pass many trials.

He was born at the moment of deportation of the Chechen nation. Before becoming president of his republic he had been mufti of Chechnya. As a religious leader, he knew the people's souls which he often healed.

In November 1994, Ahmat Kadyrov thought that the Russian government was cruel and unfair to the Chechen people and joined Dudayev's regime, believing that Dudayev would defend the Chechens.

Unlike Dudayev's "fighters for liberation of the Caucasus", he did not kidnap people and did not hide behind his coreligionists' back but took part in the battle himself. When he understood that this was a way to nowhere for the entire nation he decided to take the side of the Russian government that wanted to live as one family with Chechnya.

I would like to emphasize that I was his enemy at some time of our life. From October to December 1994 when Russian Army started to assault Grozny and later, from January to the middle of May 1996, I was kept in prison as the principle ideologist of the anti-Dudaev opposition accused according to the most shameful article of Dudayev's code, betrayal of Motherland, and was waiting for an execution.

Despite our disagreement, while in zindan, I realized that Ahmat Hodzhi was an honest man who was sincerely mistaken. On 1 May 2004 when he died I immediately understood who wanted his death. It was the enemies of the then president and current Prime Minister and candidate for presidency Vladimir Putin. Putin's enemies wanted to provoke a fratricidal slaughter, which Vladimir Putin and Ahmat Kadyrov wished to stop.

Who were the paymasters of Ahmat Kadyrov's assassins?

These people are traditionally called the "war party". There is such a party both in Chechnya and Russia. The Chechen wing of the "war party" in the early 90s grouped around Johar Dudayev, while the Russian wing around President Yeltsin. They collected dividends from the Russian and Chechen nations' suffering; they made hay on it. They never forgave the Chechen president the blow Kadyrov stroke at them.

Murders of Yuri Budanov, Ruslan Ahtahanov and others, were they also initiated by the "war party"? Who else can be at their gunpoint?

The starting point of a series of murders was the murder of Ahmat Kadyrov and the Yamadayev brothers. The murder of Ahmat Hodzhi provoked a quarrel between President Ramzan Kadyrov and the Yamadayev clan. The Yamadayev brothers were Heroes of Russia. And I would not be surprised if these heroic brothers' death will have a sequel. The Chechen patriots of Russia will be removed as it was with Ruslan Ahtahanov in the fall of 2011.

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