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Friday, 22 June 2018


"Kidnapping, Caucasian Style" with a modern twist

2012-04-16 16:48

A few days ago, the entire Irkutsk region was shocked by the kidnapping of a schoolgirl, who was kidnapped on the way home from school. From the outset it was clear that we are talking about the wedding custom of bride kidnapping. Age of the school girl - 13 years - may shock the Russians, but for the Azerbaijani province it is not so rare.


The ritual bride kidnapping is quite common all over the Greater Caucasus. This is a part of the ancient wedding custom. And Azerbaijan is no exception. But in the old days such kidnapping had innocent nature. Village girls used to mature faster and were quite ready physically to family life. And although a girl in 14-15 years was not mentally and intellectually ready to the creation of a family, getting from one family to another, very similar to the former, she quickly adapted and did not experience psychological discomfort. She was accepted and loved as a daughter. That time the girls lived in a certain expectation of kidnapping.

But those times are far behind. And now, when reports, that in a certain region of Azerbaijan, there was kidnapped a girl, appear in media almost every week, it causes a certain skepticism and disbelief, when everyone is trying to turn these facts into observance of traditions. Age of the kidnapped brides ranges from 13 to 22. But if the 22-year-old girl has the right to make decisions related to her life, as it often happens (they voluntarily leave father's house), in cases with schoolgirls it is not that simple. For example, for "Majnun" from Irkutsk, the chief suspect in the kidnapping of 13-year-old Azerbaijani girl, observance of the wedding ceremony may turn into a few years in prison.

A similar incident occurred in Azerbaijan. A schoolgirl (7th grade) Zardab Khalilov was kidnapped by 22-year-old Ismailov Ilgar Nizami. And he did it in order to create a family with her. Most interestingly, when the young people got arrested, the girl confessed that she had run away with him, because he wanted to marry her. Her mother explained her daughter's desire to marry in such a young age with financial difficulties in the family. And it turned out that the girl was born in 1996, but due to poor performance she "got stuck" in the 7th grade.

The main reason for such wave of kidnappings is lack of money, inability to get married according to all the rules, with a bunch of useless costs, since the wedding in Azerbaijan must be lush and rich.

But, perhaps, financial problems are not the only cause of kidnapping. In February this year, all Azeri media covered the case of disappearance of three schoolgirls, residents of Kurdamir area. Tunzalya Shiraliyeva and twin sisters and the Royalya and Minaya Novruzovs went to the city center to the tutor. But they didn't return home. Parents of the girls have literally gone crazy, imagining the most horrible picture. The girls were found alive on the second day in the center of Baku, accompanied by three young people: Hussein Aliyev, born in 1992, a native of Neftchala region and brethren Aliyevs, Gismet, born in 1991, and Raib, born in 1992, natives of the city of Salyan. Parents of the "kidnapped" girls demanded the arrest of young people, but the girl refused to testify against their cavaliers. The criminal case against the young men was not instituted, since there was no corpus delicti.

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