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Armenia: Parliamentary elections as a stage in the presidential race for the opposition

2012-04-24 11:16

The opposition Armenian National Congress is going to use a resource of public protest after the parliamentary elections. The party is not a clear favorite in the pre-election campaign, however, is fully capable to gather the masses after the elections.

April 20, the Armenian National Congress held a meeting at Freedom Square in central Yerevan during which the leaders of the block touched a wide range of both domestic and foreign issues.


In particular, Nicol Pashinian, running for parliament from the ANC, has introduced a new formula of a revolution in Armenia. However, this formula does not provide a classic revolutionary model through a popular uprising or political incidents, but only the active participation of voters in the election. "Revolution Day - May 6 (the election day); the place - the polling station; the time - 30 seconds", Pashinian siad. He believes 30 seconds is enough to take a ballot paper and make ​​a choice.

It is noteworthy that the current formula for revolution is fundamentally different from the revolutionary model he proposed earlier: "500,000 people at the square and the authorities leave in hour". In general, the present position of the ANC in this matter is dictated by the pre-election period, when they must stir the electorate and inspire confidence in their voice.

On the one hand, the ANC stirs up the voters, urging them to take part in the elections, but on the other hand, is states that it does not believe in the promises of the authorities to conduct fair elections, and is preparing for the post-election processes at least in words. That is why the block has already submitted an appeal to the mayor of Yerevan to hold public events (more than 10 consecutive days) in the city center after the elections. On the one hand, this is an increase of the level of blackmail in relation to the authorities (which is not interested in excesses after the bloody post-election events of March 1, 2008) in order to get as much as possible from political haggling over the election; on the other - a "proof" of the duration of the struggle for power change aimed at the voters.

Another important point at the rally of the ANC was the fact that in his speech, the leader of the block, the first president of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosian has also touched upon such foreign-policy topics as the Karabakh conflict and the frozen process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations. The current electoral campaign distinguished from the past campaigns by the fact that the Karabakh problem did not become the topic of domestic speculations and division. All the participants of the process did their emphasis on the socio-economic issues, which is caused by two factors - a certain lull in the negotiation process and the severity of socio-economic condition of society.

Armenian National Congress looks very averagely before current elections. The party is not among clear favorites in this campaign. A recent study of Russian specialists of Russian public opinion research center (WCIOM) has shown that only three percent of voters would vote for the ANC. However, it is possible that the ANC would gain up to ten percent of the vote.

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