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Friday, 22 June 2018


REN-TV and Sharia courts. A provocation?

2012-04-26 11:32

Words of the lawyer Dagir Hasavov about Sharia courts have already caused the ballyhoo. As usual, distinguished panelists did not bother to debate, and immediately returned a verdict: Muslims are preparing a respond to the prayer meeting in front of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Putin does not control the situation, the Church has betrayed us, and so on. Then it turned out that the channel REN-TV has pulled the phrase out of context and made sensation from scratch which has nearly led to civil confrontation.


Dagir Hasavov has explained how it was. He said the REN-TV staff had come to his office April 23. According to the lawyer, visit of the journalists and subsequent questions caught him off guard. "I had customers at this time", he told the magazine PublicPost. "I thought we just talk, I explained them a lot." To his regret, the lawyer did not know what kind of story the journalists were preparing. He did not like the fact that journalists did not hide in conversation with him, a Muslim, their contemptuous and disdainful attitude toward his faith. The lawyer is going to claim against the channel. "I think it's a journalistic hunger. They just have found a hot topic", the lawyer said.

As usual, later the lawyer's words were cut and assembled in the correct key for the channel. What did the lawyer say? "I explained the channel staff that the processes of migration have led to the situation when in Russia there are many Muslims from Asia. Their mentality and way of life is not similar to way of life of the Muslims of the Caucasus. We profess the same religion, but we live in different ways. And conflicts also take place between us. We are talking primarily about ourselves. We have a problem between us (Muslims). I just wanted to say that this is a dangerous trend for the state".

Further, the phrase about Sharia courts has sounded, which, in fact, made a considerable stir. In fact, the lawyer was referring to the cases of civil law: divorce, property division, wills and so on. Sharia can be integrated into pre-trial settlement of the question, or to be used as the arbitral tribunal.

The message of the report was clear: Russia has introduced Sharia courts! As an illustration, they used a scene from an American movie, in which a Muslim woman, charged of treason, had been stoned.

Even a person, ill-informed in Islam and interfaith relations, understands that the issue of Sharia is complex and ambiguous. Any careless remark could cause an outburst. Rais Suleymanov, the head of the Volga center of regional and ethno-religious studies of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS), commented this topic for GTimes.

"If sharia is understood as the general legal system, which is based on medieval Islamic law - this is one thing. Naturally, in today's Russia this law absolutely no good, because this system of law immediately gets into conflict with secular laws. Quite another thing when we're talking about personal, deeply individual lifestyle, which is based on moral and ethical values ​​of Islam. This may exist in Russia. You have to understand that Sharia law - this is all-encompassing Islamic legal system. If we talk about Sharia in secular state, we need specific formulations. If a person wants, for example, to pray five times daily, Russian law does not hinder this, since this prayer does not violate the laws of the secular state. However, if any person offers to introduce, for example, norms of the criminal Sharia law in secular Russia, it would lead to conflict with secular law.

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