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Thursday, 19 April 2018


Afghan women's school of life

2012-05-14 17:45

Most of the provinces of Afghanistan is actually in the hands of various Taliban factions, who periodically fight each other for influence. But all the Taliban leaders are unanimous in one matter - this is the matter of a woman's right to education. In Afghanistan, 550 schools were closed. Most of them were women's schools. Although Afghan officials blame Taliban for this, activists of women's movement of the country say the problem is more complicated. Talibans have freedom of movement due to the support of the local population, as well as the connivance of Hamid Karzai and the Americans.


According to the Afghan Ministry of Education, in those provinces where the local population supports the Taliban, 550 secondary schools have already been closed. Most of them were schools for girls. In one of these schools, the teachers have long enough sabotaged the Islamists' demands. After that, the Taliban have set up the armed locals against the school. Teachers and girls had to flee from the fanatics. Now there are charred ruins instead of the school.

The life of Afghan girls is not easy. Family of a peasant or a poor townsman is looking forward his daughter's first period. Since then, she can be given in marriage. Any man who agrees to take her to his house and pay the bride price may become husband of a teenage girl. Bride price is determined by the bride's parents. Of course, she has no education. Husbands and fathers of Afghanistan think as follows: school teaches women to think, but if a woman thinks she begins to rebel. In fact, a thinking Afghan woman is dissatisfied with the attitude to the weaker sex in this country.

The political situation and the "woman question" in this country are interconnected. It should be noted that the pretext for the U.S. intervention into the Taliban Afghanistan was the mass women oppression. December 2001, a month after the ouster of the Taliban from Kabul, the then U.S. First Lady Laura Bush made a solemn declaration. "Due to our recent military advances, women in most of Afghanistan there are no longer prisoners in their homes. Fight against terrorism is also the struggle for the women's rights and dignity", she said. Karzai's administration has actually opened girls' schools, gave women the right to work and to participate in politics. In the Kabul government there even was the Ministry of Women's Affairs. However, the real Afghan reality was different.

"Even in Kabul, where there are thousands of foreign soldiers, Afghan women do not feel safe, and many continue to wear the "burqa" for protection. In some areas where girls' education does exist, parents are afraid to allow their daughters to use it after the burning several schools for girls", Afghan activist, hiding his name under the name Mariam Rawi, wrote in his report.

According to her, Karzai's measures to protect women are a show for the international community. "The Karzai government is actively pursuing anti-woman policy. Women cannot find jobs, schools for girls often experience lack of the basic necessities - textbooks and chairs. There is no legal protection for women, and old laws forbid them to get help when they need it. In fact, Ministry has not made anything for women".

Afghanistan, meanwhile, is living a normal life. Even those girls, who were fortunate enough to learn, are afraid that soon they will lose it, because parents often do not allow them to go to school for more than four years. To avoid an imposed marriage, they disfigure their faces with acid. Or just kill themselves.


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