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Saakashvili buys up the people on the cheap

2012-07-25 18:18

Saakashvili buys up the people on the cheap. 27763.jpeg

Georgian leadership intends to consolidate relations with citizens through a special instrument, called the "Contract with Georgia". In fact, this "Contract" is personal obligation of the Georgian leadership to every citizen of Georgia. In case of default by a party of a contract item, the other party has the right to appeal against "Agreement" in the court. It is accompanied with a voucher - a property confirmation of honesty of Saakashvili's intentions. Global politics does not know analogs. Saakashvili has presented a know-how to Georgia. What is it?

In the contract, signed by Prime Minister Vano Merabishvili, the State undertakes to eliminate unemployment. For this purpose, Georgia has intensified the work of the Ministry of Employment. Unemployed will be included to the database, all wishing will be sent to vocational training. Health of the citizens of Georgia will be insured on the most favorable conditions for them. Insurance for children, pensioners, teachers, refugees, security forces personnel and physicians will be the priority.

An important point was discussed separately. If an adult Georgian signs the contract, his family receives a voucher for a thousand GEL (about 610 U.S. dollars). The voucher can only be used for certain purposes: the purchase of medicines, schoolbooks, farm machinery rental, purchase of fertilizers, as well as for utilities. But you can't buy food for the family on the voucher. You also can't sell it.

What does Saakashvili's administration want from these vouchers? GTimes reporter spoke with experts about this.

Kakha Kukava, leader of the "Free Georgia".

"Mikheil Saakashvili is a professional adventurer in politics. Vouchers and the "Contract with Georgia" are his next financial adventure and a police baton. Election in Georgia is approaching. "Contract" is a way to put pressure on the citizens of Georgia who depend on state funds: pensioners, civil servants, prison and police. These categories of people now are the main electorate of Saakashvili. All the dependent on the budget citizens of Georgia understand they can get money from the state only having signed the "Contract with Georgia". The same was the document, Saakashvili distributed in 2003, during the parliamentary election. That time, eight years ago, he promised to give pensioners a decent pension, to compensate depositors of Sberbank of the USSR their deposits, to raise wages in public sector. None of the promises from this "Agreement" of 2003 were fulfilled. Same thing will happen to the "Contract" in 2012".

The Russian historian and political scientist Pavel Danilin, editor-in-chief of the portal

"Chubais also promised to give everyone two "Volgas" for the Russian voucher. But if the Russian voucher was somehow legitimized by the fact that allowed every Russian to participate in privatization, in the Georgian case, we are dealing with banal bribing people. "Contract with Georgia" and vouchers is Saakashvili's attempt to buy the Georgian people on the cheap. He wants Georgians to continue to vote for him in exchange for meager handouts. Voucher can be used as a power tool, because Saakashvili's electorate consists of public employees. But first and foremost is that "Contract with Georgia" and vouchers is a method of arrogant and cynical bribing Georgian voters".

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