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Wednesday, 20 June 2018


Charles Aznavour may help forget about Armenian genocide?

2012-08-10 16:57

Charles Aznavour may help forget about Armenian genocide?. 27910.jpeg

Georgian Akhaltsikhe has an old Turkish fortress of Rabat. In 1917, it became the site of the battle between the militias and the Turkish army. Local militia included an Armenian Michael Aznavourian, the father of great Charles Aznavour. Now, Ankara and Tbilisi are trying to arrange a concert of the great singer right beneath the walls of Rabat. The show, scheduled for August 16, must become political victory for Turkey. Javakh Diaspora of Russia is trying to prevent Aznavour from this step.

"Information about Aznavour's concert near the former Turkish fortress Rabat was spread by Georgian media", Agasi Arabyan, chairman of the Javakh Diaspora in Russia, told GTimes. "They say Aznavour wishes to perform near the fortress, where his father, Michael Aznavouryan, has once fought against the Turks. We do not know exactly whether Charles Aznavour has stated this. That's why we have appealed no with a demand, but with a requested not to do this. Our request was supported by many Armenian organizations. People discuss this on social networks. Many people of different nationalities are supporting us".

Before Turks' invasion of Akhaltsikhe, Georgian defense structures were here. In 1752, the Turks turned these buildings into a fortified outpost of Rabat, which in Arabic means "fortress". During the Russian-Turkish wars Rabat passed from hand to hand, and eventually remained in the Russian Empire. The castle was a symbol of Russian defense of the South Caucasus from the Turkish expansion.

Everything changed after the collapse of the Russian Empire. When the Russian withdrew from the Caucasus, the Turks rushed back. Georgian and Armenian population of Akhaltsikhe created self-defense units. One of the most brave militia members was Michael Aznavouryan, father of Charles Aznavour. Aznavouryan was participant of the battle between Akhaltsikhe militias and the Turkish army, which took place in late 1917. Many Armenian militia members died at the walls of the former Turkish fortress.

In accordance to Saakashvili's will, Rabat fortress becomes Turkish again. Now, under contract with the Turkish government, Georgia is quickly restoring the former Turkish mosques in the country. Thus, Turkey gets into its hands Georgia - the key to the entire South Caucasus. The minaret of each restored mosque - this is another Ottoman's bayonet, proudly rising over the Caucasus.

Ironically, the great Armenian will sing on August 16 in front of the Turkish mosque "Ahmadie". The Turks have fully restored "Ahmadie", gilded it, and put the stage with the speakers in front of it. And now the son of the man, who shed blood in the struggle against the Turks, will sing songs about love ... This fully deviates from the theme. We appealed to Charles Aznavour with a request not to do this. If he wants to sing for his country, Javakh, let him sing near the Armenian church of St. Nshan. If Charles does not listen to us, then there is nothing we can do. It would be very harmful for the heart of every Armenian. Especially for Akhaltsikhe. First, Aznavour's parents lived in this town. Second, one of the streets in Akhaltsikhe is called in the name of Aznavour, a number of NGOs of Javakheti are also called by this name. In the mountains there is a spring "Michael and Anar". Parents of Charles Aznavour called it this way. We must not lose people's love due to one concert even of such a man as Charles. Therefore, we ask him not to sing near the mosque "Ahmad", Agasi Arabyan told GTimes.

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